Automatic Anti-Drone Solution

Dedrone is the international market and technology leader in drone detection. Dedrone is based in San Francisco, California, and was founded in 2014. Dedrone provides an automatic, integrated and self-contained drone detection, identification, and counter-measures platform to defeat drone threats and their operators 24/7. Its automated, software-based aerial intrusion detection platform, DroneTracker, provides early warning of illegal civilian UAVs and is used to protect industrial plants, government buildings and other critical infrastructure installations against smugglers, spies, and terrorist attacks.

Stop Unauthorized Drones

The airspace security platform that detects, classifies, and mitigates all drone threats.​

Identify & Classify 

Software-centric solution recognizes and classifies malicious drones

Locate drones & Pilots

Localization technology pinpoints drones and their pilots

Neutralize Threats

Deploys countermeasures to protect your organization or neutralize the drone 

Protect your airspace


Data center unaware of hacking drones within sniffing distance

Office network guarded against corporate espionage

Public utility not protected from aerial threats to critical infrastructure

Software for the Sky

DroneTracker aggregates sensor information about potential threats, recognizing and classifying drones of all kinds. Its web-based interface shows live threats, real-time drone flight paths, and records forensic details including video evidence.


Drone Dragnet

Dedrone’s RF Sensors form the foundation that enables robust security to protect against drones. Dedrone alert to potential threats even before they take off the ground, and measurement-grade RF technology pinpoints the locations of drone and pilot.

How it works



RF Sensor is the cornerstone of airspace security, and detects commercial, consumer, and homebrew drones.


DroneTracker software connects sensors, performs machine-learning analysis, and is the central nervous system for the complete solution.


Additional sensors and countermeasures, such as video or jammers, add extra layers of security and integrate directly into DroneTracker software.


Complete Airspace Security Solution

Modern security requires a layered approach that keeps up with the evolution of drone technology. Sensors connect to DroneTracker software, which detects, classifies, and protects against drone threats. Passive and active countermeasures can be triggered, tailoring the defense mechanism to the severity of the threat.

Detect a Drone

Dedrone’s RF Sensor is purpose-built sensor for airspace security and collects hard data on drone activity in the airspace. It detects all kinds of drones and has a coverage range over over 1 mile in ideal conditions.

Advanced Video Analytics

Machine-learning video algorithms for detecting and locating the position of drones are key parts of airspace security. Using feeds from high-resolution video cameras, DroneTracker software distinguishes between drones and other moving objects, and plots the position and flight path of a drone on map.


Reporting and Forensic Evidence

Dedrone sensors and integrated external video cameras record forensic evidence of drone intrusions. A combination of forensic data is automatically captured by the DroneTracker software, including drone manufacturer, model, time and length of drone activity, and video verification. Summary reports are automatically produced and available on-demand for easy analysis of the most critical airspace security data.


Additional Security

Multiple layers of security can added by integrating sensors such as radar, infrared, or acoustic devices. When layered on top of the Dedrone RF Sensor, these additional sensors add extra layers of information, extending detection range or adding capabilities to the system.


Passive and active countermeasures can be integrated into the Dedrone solution, depending on needs and capabilities. Together with detection from sensors, they secure the airspace security around your facility.