The 5G Report

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5G experts and leaders, such as Keysight, RFS, JMA Wireless, Astronics, Freedom, Health Canada, ISED Canada, ThinkRF, Surecall, SAF, Wavecontrol and many more discuss the most frequently asked questions about 5G and its deployment in Canada.

The complete report contains the following panel discussions: 5G Healthy & Safety, 5G Testing, 5G Coverage, 5G & IoT, and 5G Safety Applications.

5G Full Report

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Industry experts from Keysight Technologies, Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), Wavecontrol, Mohawk College and Bird discuss new questions, solutions and developments related to 5G Health and Safety, 5G Testing, 5G Coverage, 5G & IoT, and 5G Public Safety Applications in Canada.

This webinar will expand on the original 5G Report published in December 2020.


Agenda & Speakers

Total Time: 90 minutes

10 min 5G Health & Safety – Ernest Cid, CEO of Wavecontrol
10 min 5G Testing – Roger Nichols, 5G Program Manager at Keysight Technologies
10 min 5G Coverage – Nader Famili, Head of Technical Solutions, North America at RFS
10 min IoT & 5G – Dr. Esteve Hassan, Ph.D., PEng, Industrial Research Chair for IIOT Applications at Mohawk College.
10 min 5G Public Safety Applications – Tim O’Brien, Director of Strategic Development, Public Safety at Bird RF
10 min 5G Solutions – Mike Rusiniak, Senior Account Manager, Carrier Solutions, Eastern Canada at Gap Wireless
30 min Q&A for Panel

Featured 5G Solutions Available at Gap Wireless

RFS C-Band 5G Small Cell Antennas

Broadband panel and omnidirectional antennas that support spectrum from 694 MHz to 5.9 GHz including the soon to be available C-Band.


C-Band 5G Small Cell Antenna

Keysight FieldFox

SUPER 5G NR Next Generation Microwave Analyzers. Support for 5G NR FR1 and FR2 over-the-air measurements.

Keysight Fieldfox 5G portable testing N9918B

Wavecontrol Wavemon RF-60

RF Personal monitor for the continuous monitoring of workers’ exposure to EMF. WaveMon RF-60 monitors E-field up to 60 GHz.

wavemon-rf-60 personal EMF meter

ThinkRF D4000 5G 40 GHz RF Downconverter/Tuner

ThinkRF‘s D4000 RF downconverter/tuner is claimed as the industry’s first 40-GHz downconverter/tuner, offering a frequency range of 24 to 40 GHz with up to 500 MHz of real-time bandwidth