EMI, EMC & EMF Testing Report

The Keys to Electromagnetic Testing for Product Development, Compatibility, and Safety.

You can’t feel, see, hear, touch, taste, or smell it, but the air around you is full of electromagnetic activity. These bursts of oscillating electric and magnetic fields are the carrier pigeons of the information age. They contain our voices, our faces, and our data. Turn off these invisible lights, and we will enter a digital dark age. EMI EMC EMF Testing Report Download

As crucial as electromagnetic signals are, they must also be carefully controlled. The wrong signal at the wrong time could prove disastrous—even deadly. Those exposed to high levels of electromagnetic fields must carefully monitor their exposure. Designers of wireless equipment must ensure that their products do not cause harm, direct or indirect. This requires rigorous testing and certification.

In this report, we will explore the challenges of electromagnetic testing and discover some available solutions to those challenges. We will also examine the ways in which electromagnetic testing is poised to change and how stakeholders can better prepare themselves to adapt to those changes.

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Wavecontrol Products Available at Gap Wireless

Wavecontrol designs and develops professional instruments for measurement, monitoring and evaluation of human exposure to electromagnetic fields. Their calibration laboratory (LabCal Wavecontrol) is ENAC accredited and recognised in most countries around the world through the ILAC network. All devices manufactured by Wavecontrol are delivered standard with ISO 17025 accredited individual calibration at no extra cost.

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TDK RF Solutions at Gap Wireless

TDK RF Solutions is a world leader in the design, development, and manufacture of technical solutions for the electromagnetic compatibility testing and antenna measurement industries. They offer a complete range of solutions including automated test systems, TDK anechoic chambers, RF absorbers, antennas, software, and a wide range of test products. They call it Total System Technology®, and it means TDK RF Solutions is your best choice of partner for proven solutions and services backed by internal technical expertise.

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Select Fabricators Products at Gap Wireless

Select Fabricators manufactures RF Shielded Tents/Enclosures. With more than 750 enclosures produced, we are trusted by users in the government, defence, automotive, and technology industries. Exceptional functionality is the deciding factor. Their shielded fabrics offer the highest levels of attenuation. Patented designs combined with innovative construction methods and expertise in RF/EMI shielding allow our fabric enclosures to reach attenuation levels over -100 dB.

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