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About Gap Wireless

Gap Wireless is a leading distributor of products and services for the mobile broadband and wireless markets, serving carriers and contractors throughout North America. The company works with industry-recognized vendors to stock and distribute thousands of wireless infrastructure and Test & Measurement products. Gap Wireless also provides value-added technical/engineering services.

The company celebrating its 15th anniversary in 2022, and has continually added to its roster of vendor products. Gap Wireless values the technology innovation enabled by its vendor partners from around the world, and is committed to bringing the best in wireless, mobile broadband, network infrastructure, and RF test and measurement products and solutions to customers throughout Canada and the U.S.

Gap Wireless customers include Canadian carriers and contractors, wireless service providers, rf test & measurement users, and the network implementation community in public and private sectors, spanning government & military, education & utilities, and telecom equipment installation.

Gap Wireless headquarters is in Mississauga, Ontario where the company occupies 15,000 square feet of office and warehouse space. Other Canadian locations include Calgary, Ottawa and Montreal. The company also has U.S. warehouse in Buffalo and locations in San Jose, Los Angeles, Rochester, Miami, Boston and Dallas.

Gap Wireless is committed to providing cutting-edge solutions for the next generation.

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Our Divisions

wireless telecommunication & mobile broadband products

Telecom infrastructure: In-building DAS and macro site products such as site antennas, for wireless companies.

Keysight Test & Measurement Products

Test & Measurement: Keysight Technologies Oscilloscopes, Spectrum Analyzers, Handheld Digital Multimeters, Optical & Ethernet Test Tools, Precision Test Cables and more.

Network Infrastructure, ICT and IoT products and solutions

Network Infrastructure: Everything from copper and fiber IP network solutions, fiber optic cable testing, power, grounding and surge protection, to server racks and cabinets.

UAV Solutions

Drone Defence and C-UAS Solutions for the public and private sector clients across North America.

Our Mission

  • To provide industry-leading products and solutions to the mobile broadband and wireless telecommunications providers, and serve all users of network infrastructure, and RF test and measurement solutions.
  • To link customers and vendors through the Gap Wireless North American sales force, providing value-added support.
  • To continue to grow bringing leading-edge technology throughout North America.

Our goal at Gap Wireless is to provide our customers in the wireless telecommunication, mobile broadband, network infrastructure, and test and measurement markets easy ordering and quick delivery of over 60 leading manufacturers from around the world. Our partnered vendors including CCAI, Matsing, Keysight Technologies, Hammond Manufacturing, RFOCS, Wavecontrol, Klein Tools and many, many more.

Here are some more of our vendor partners

Our Partners

  • Gap Wireless is a CCI authorized dealer
  • Gap Wireless is a Consultix authorized dealer
  • dedrone
  • dreamcatcher-logo
  • Gap Wireless is a hammond-manufacturing authorized distributor
  • harger-logo
  • inuavi-logo
  • Gap Wireless is a authorized dealer JMA Wireless Canada
  • junkosha-logo
  • kaelus
  • Gap Wireless is Canada's leading Keysight Technologies authorized distributor
  • Gap Wireless is a Klein Tools Authorized Dealer
  • Gap Wireless is a Mars antennas & RF Systems authorized dealer
  • Gap Wireless is a Matsing authorized dealer
  • Gap Wireless is a meca authorized dealer
  • Gap Wireless is a RD microwave authorize dealer and partner
  • Gap Wireless is a RFS World authorized dealer and partner
  • spectratronics
  • Gap Wireless is a T3 innovation authorized dealer
  • Gap Wireless is a tarana wireless authorized dealer
  • Gap Wireless is a Times microwave authorized dealer
  • Gap Wireless is a wavecontrol authorized dealer for smp2, wavemon and emf field probes
  • Gap Wireless is a wirewerks authorized dealer

Contact Us

Toll Free: 1-855-826-3781
Email: quotes@gapwireless.com

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