With the size, scale and complexity of farming operations having grown exponentially in recent years, drones have a role to play in simplifying crop management. From soil and field analysis to crop monitoring and detecting crop damage, drones can be invaluable in agriculture.

Monitoring expansive fields manually is a challenge for any farm operation. Visuals from drones can be useful for crop mapping, based on soil and field analysis from aerial photos. Drones are also used for aerial crop inspections, providing a more cost-effective and efficient method than time and labor-intensive manual inspection.

Detecting diseased or damaged crops early in the production cycle can avert disaster. Drones can also enable monitoring farm infrastructure including storage sheds, greenhouses and nurseries.

Gap Wireless partners with industry-leading vendors, such as DJI Enterprise, FLIR, DeDrone, Propeller Aero, and inUAVi to deliver drones, sensors, software, and support to cost-effectively fulfill your UAV needs.


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