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Aaronia USA Now Available at Gap Wireless

Aaronia offers affordable and portable RF and EMC spectrum analyzers and antennas as well as RF shielding products designed for RF applications dealing with:

• Frequency and channel selection
• Pre-compliance testing
• RF site surveys and studies
• RF electronic design
• Wireless product specification
• Interference abatement
• Frequency and general testing and measurement applications

Second to none, the Aaronia series broadband antennas offer unprecedented quality in design and performance, at a fraction of the cost of most competitors. AAronia USA Antennas

The Aaronia line of precision broadband antenna upholds the highest industry standards, with added durability and lightweight portability for any test and measurement applications.

Their full line of broadband antennas includes six variations: log periodic (LPDA) antennas, biconical radial isotropic antennas, radial isotropic Omni-directional antennas, magnetic field tracking antennas, broadband horn antennas, and 3D RF tracking antennas.

With over 40 models of RF- and EMF-optimized antennas to choose from, they are the ideal answer for precise broad frequency range applications, including laboratory test and measurement, data linking, compliance testing, mobile measurements, directional signal tracking, and more.

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