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Expand Your DAQ Capabilities Promotion Starts Feb 1st.

Expand Your DAQ Capabilities Promotion Keysight


Expand Your DAQ Capabilities Promotion

What could be better than the industry’s best general-purpose DAQM901A multiplexer module? A 20-channel multiplexer module with two additional, dedicated channels for current measurements… for free!

For a limited time, customers can claim a complimentary DAQM901A multiplexer module when they purchase a combination of a data acquisition (DAQ) mainframe, DAQ970A or DAQ973A, with the new DAQM909A digitizer module.

Qualifying DAQ Product Models:

DAQ Mainframe: DAQ970A or DAQ973A  BUY NOW

DAQ Digitizer Module: DAQM909A


Promo Code: 6.042

Eligible Dates: February 1st 2020 -> September 30th 2020

Eligible Regions: US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Asia Pacific, EMEAI (excluding Turkey, Israel, Russia), Greater China.

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