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FieldFox 5G Portable Field Test Solution – Available Now

FieldFox SUPER 5G NR Next Generation Microwave Analyzers


FieldFox is expanding its capabilities to address emerging test challenges in 5G network installation, optimization and coverage test. The features described below are being added to enhance the FieldFox 5G portable field test solution:

Over-the-air (OTA) 5G NR measurements (Option 378) – Supported on N991xB/N993xB models only

Support for 5G NR FR1 and FR2 over-the-air measurements. The FieldFox B-Series N991xB/N993xB with 100 MHz of bandwidth are perfectly suited to capture and demodulate over-the-air transmissions of 5G NR FR1 and FR2 control channels.  Provides key performance indicators including physical cell ID, received power levels and beam index information.  Conducted EVM measurement is also included with Option 378.

Indoor and outdoor mapping (Option 352) – Supported on N991x/3x/5x/6xA and N991x/3xB models

Evaluate outdoor and indoor signal coverage by importing Open Street Maps, indoor floor plan, or site map picture file onto FieldFox, no external PC required.  Supports record/playback of drive or walk test coverage data using FieldFox and its built-in GNSS/GPS receiver (Option 307) providing geo-location and time stamp information.  Map “live” or pre-recorded results, or save to CSV, KML or KDAT file.  Supported in OTA, Channel Scanner or Phased Array Antenna modes.

EMF measurements (Option 358) – Supported on N991x/3x/5x/6xA and N991x/3xB models

Measure and verify 5G RF exposure compliance using FieldFox connected to a tri axial antenna.  This option measures and displays the corrected field strength in RMS average power.  FieldFox controls the antenna and X,Y,Z antenna factors can be downloaded via USB.  This option is enabled in OTA and SA modes only, tri axial antenna is not provided.

Frequency extender support up to 110 GHz – Supported on N991x/3x/5x/6xA and N991x/3xB models

OML mini mixer is designed particularly for FieldFox to takes advantage of its built-in internal CW source and USB power supply.  This solution expands FieldFox frequency coverage to WR28, WR15, WR12 and WR10, with 6 GHz of bandwidth, and covers both 5G and automotive applications.  Supported in OTA, SA, RTSA, Phased Array, VSA and IQA modes.  5G NR FR2 WR28 (24 to 40 GHz) mixer head is orderable direct from OML Inc., model numbers M28H2ADC-K or M28H6ADC-K, with RF input interface 2.92 mm (f).

Spectrum emission mask (SEM) – Supported on N991x/3x/5x/6xA, N9912A and N991x/3xB models

Enhancement to spectrum analyzer mode that adds spectrum emission mask (SEM) to channel measurements (also known as PowerSuite).  Allows for up to 8 offsets and provides absolute and relative Pass/Fail limit testing.  Not a for pay option, available in SA mode with firmware upgrade.

5G Fieldfox from Keysight

Aerospace & Defence Applications

✓  Satellite communications using 5G air interface

✓  Government agencies: FCC, OFCOM, MIC

✓  Public safety network operators

✓  MILCOM using 5G air interface

Commercial Communications Applications

✓  Tier 1 wireless service providers

✓  Cellular network equipment manufacturers

✓  Wireless infrastructure I&M contractors

✓  Phone and IoT device manufacturers

✓  Autonomous drive subsystem suppliers

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