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Flyability’s Elios Drones Ensure Safe Inspections for Industrial Applications

Checking for infrastructure defects within a petroleum refinery, assessing leakage inside a nuclear power plant, or inspecting underground mining sites are all daunting tasks because of confined spaces and challenging environments. Flyability’s Elios drone, the world’s first collision-tolerant drone, was purpose-designed to reach previously inaccessible places with ease, making operations safer and more economical in the Oil & Gas, Power Generation, and Mining industries.

For the Oil & Gas Industry, relying on Elios drones for thorough inspections at more frequent intervals can enhance maintenance planning and mitigate risk to workers. Some of the applications where Elios can improve operations and save costs include:

  • Inspecting massive oil refinery chimneys and other critical production units from the inside to identify flaws such as cracks before they create an issue;
  • Checking inside ballasts and tanks in offshore rigs, FPSOS and drilling ships, and checking under Jetties to ensure structural integrity;
  • Assessing extent of damage in decommissioned assets to assess condition and cost without jeopardizing workers.


With expectations for always-on electricity in the Power Generation industry, Elios drones can help power plant maintenance teams do pre-emptive inspections, avoid outages, and stay safe. The types of situations addressed by Elios drones in Power Generation applications include:

  • Checking the integrity of components inside the combustion chambers of coal-fired boilers;
  • Inspecting equipment and assessing any leakage in nuclear power plants where radiation poses a challenge to humans;
  • Verifying infrastructure conditions at hydro power plants and assessing high-voltage underground transformers;
  • Inspecting inside the blades of wind turbines during shutdowns, and inside the pillar and base of the wind turbine while operating.


For the Mining industry, data collected by Elios drones contributes to better planning and decision-making, increased productivity, and safer working conditions. Some of the situations addressed by Elios drones include:

  • Exploring restricted areas such as excavated open stopes to support backfilling operations without human risk;
  • Being able to inspect conveyor belts while in operation to avoid impacting productivity;
  • Going hundreds of metres into an underground mine drop raise to locate clogging or assess next steps;
  • Inspecting the inside of crushers, stockpile feeds, and SAG, Ball & Grinding mills to identify issues before they can impact production.


Click here for more information on how Flyability’s Elios drones can improve safety, reduce downtime, and lower cost for any industrial application.

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