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Gap Wireless to Showcase Benefits of Drones in Emergency Situations at OAFC 2018 Trade Show

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (drones) will be a hot topic at the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs Trade Show slated for May 4th and 5th at The International Centre in Mississauga. The OAFC 2018 trade show is the largest gathering of fire service manufacturers and suppliers in Canada, with more than 250 booths and fire vehicles on display.

Drones are of increasing interest to Fire Departments and other Public Safety organizations as reliable tools for enhancing emergency response and post-event assessment. Drones provide unique viewpoints and collect data not easily obtained by humans, greatly improving situational awareness and responsiveness.

When equipped with video and infrared cameras, drones are highly useful in assessing fire damage, providing insight into critical incidents, monitoring natural disasters such as wildfires or flooding, conducting search and rescue operations, and more. Thermal imaging is particularly useful when smoke is obscuring visibility.

OAFC 2018 Trade Show Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

As the premiere provider of UAV solutions in North America, Gap Wireless has a unique vantage-point on drones in Public Safety.  Gap Wireless will showcase its industry-leading vendor partner products and solutions at OAFC 2018 in Booth #1635, including:

  • DJI Enterprise, for which Gap Wireless is an Authorized Distributor, bringing commercial-grade drones to market, including its latest collaboration with FLIR Systems the Zenmuse XT2 purpose-built for Public Safety applications. The XT2 pairs the FLIR Tau 2 thermal sensor and 4K visual camera with DJI’S leading stabilization and machine intelligence technology, delivering aerial data that can be leveraged for insights that can save lives.
  • FLIR Systems which is a sponsor of OAFC and a Gap Wireless vendor partner that provides advanced sensing systems including thermal imaging systems, visible-light imaging systems, measurement and diagnostic systems, and advanced threat detection systems.
  • Flyability, a Swiss-based company providing collision-tolerant Elios drones that can be operated: indoors; in complex, cluttered and confined spaces; and in contact with people. Elios is unleashing the potential of UAVs in applications where drone use was previously too dangerous or impossible.
  • KSI Data Sciences, enabling near real-time video broadcasting and data management for all types of remote sensors, using a highly secure cloud environment for collaboration and analysis.

Click here for more information on UAV solutions from Gap Wireless, and contact quotes@gapwireless.com to see how drones can enhance your operations.

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