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Hammond Manufacturing Cabinets & Rack Mounting Solutions

Hammond Mfg server racks, server cabinets electrical enclosures

Hammond Mfg – Amazing Prices on a Wide Selection of Cabinets, Racks, Enclosures

Cabinets and rack mounting solutions from Hammond Manufacturing are designed and manufactured in Canada, including the company’s NEMA Rated communications cabinets produced in Guelph, Ontario. Hammond, which has been operating for just over 100 years, fulfills Voice/Data, Data Center, Security, Audio/Visual and Test/Measurement requirements.

End users, contractors, and consultants all find Hammond’s communications cabinets to be indispensable in environments where dust-tight protection is imperative such as warehouses, greenhouses, and in the automotive sector.

Gap Wireless has over 2,000 unique Hammond Manufacturing solutions available with inventory and service to support your needs.

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