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Consultix IBS / DAS Industry Hot Products

Consultix 5G CW Transmitter: Need an economical 40 GHz signal generator and analyzer?

  • The Grand 5G and Catalyst made it easy now to generate and measure RF signals at mmWave bands.
  • The ultimate dynamic range of their class in the market
  • Portable and heavy-duty equipment for different applications and harsh usage

Consultix SiteWizard: compact, quick and affordable cable & antenna analyzer

  • With performance comparable to traditional sweep testers, Consultix SiteWizard delivers an exceptional experience in terms of simplicity, speed and user convenience.
  • The only Cable and Antenna tester in its class to feature both quick and precise sweep testing along with a spectrum analyzer option all in a lightweight, heavy-duty unit.
Consultix SiteWizard MTM-427

DAS Infrastructure Monitoring with Consultix Neuron

  • DAS sites experience frequent occasions where property owners make site works or maintenance without carefully handling the DAS cabling & infrastructure
  • A defect in DAS can go undetected for months. A failure in any RF element might go unnoticed and cause unreliable coverage in some spots.
  • Now you can instantly and easily observe the status of each DAS path to the antenna
  • In addition to DAS infrastructure monitoring, the system allows other business models and use cases such as operational maintenance, infrastructure integrity validation during DAS delivery/acceptance or assessing any RF changes after infrastructure maintenance or upgrades.
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