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Ilsintech All-in-One Fusion Splicers Bring Ease and Affordability to Fiber Optic Deployments

Ilsintech All-in-One Fusion Splicers Gap Wireless

Ilsintech All-in-One Fusion Splicers 

Installers looking for the most advanced fiber termination components on the market need to look no farther than Ilsintech’s All-in-One Fusion Splicers featuring five splicing functions within a single unit.  These versatile fusion splicers integrate thermal stripping, cleaving, cleaning, splicing, and sleeving capabilities, reducing installation time and improving connection reliability.

The All-in-One Fusion Splicers, stocked and distributed by Gap Wireless, attract attention at industry trade shows because of their simple design coupled with best-in-class optical performance. They are ideal for use in LAN, CATV, or FTTx applications. They offer superior performance compared to manual strippers given that the thermal stripper in the All-in-One system prevents cracks on the fiber typically caused by manual devices.

As a pioneer in processing equipment for optical fiber, tools, and accessories, Ilsintech sets the bar for innovative technology. Serving the industry since 2008, America Ilsintech, LLC is a U.S. corporation owned by leading Korean splicer/PON/FTTx manufacturer Ilsintech Co. Ltd.  America Ilsintech provides a full suite of products for the North American market.

The line-up of Ilsintech All-in-One Fusion Splicers available from Gap Wireless includes:

  • Swift All-in-One KF4AV for Active Cladding Alignment

This top-tier fusion splicer provides precise alignment capabilities plus a VFL and InGaAs power meter. The KF4AV systematically performs the five major functions, ensuring optimum optical functionality and avoiding errors that cost time and money.

  • Swift R5 for Ribbon Fiber

The Swift R5’s simple and user-friendly design enables users to splice quickly and conveniently throughout the 5 processes without leaving scratches on the fiber. Additionally, the All-in-One design makes installations easy and much more efficient that having multiple pieces of equipment – ideal for any high-density application.

  • Swift KF4A for Active Cladding Alignment

This highly advanced and accurate active cladding alignment fusion splicer, designed to perform the major 5 multi-functional features systematically, is the best fit for fusion splicing and fusion splice-on connectors (SOC) of FTTx network applications.  The KF4A eliminates issues common with conventional mechanical connectors including low quality, weak durability, and high maintenance costs.

  • Swift S5 for Core to Core Alignment

The Swift S5’s simple and user-friendly design enables users to splice quickly and conveniently throughout the 5 processes. The S5’s thermal automatic stripper leaves no scratches typical of manual strippers.

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