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IMPORTANT NOTICE: NEW JMA Tools Required for 5G Connectors

Please note: A new HCG-FRAMESET-14B tool is required in order to install the new JMA 1/4″ cable compression connectors. The connectors and framesets are not forward or reverse compatible. 

HCG-FRAMESET-14BJMA Wireless HCG-FRAMESET-14B Compression Gun


JMA Wireless UXP-4MT-14S JMA 5G Coaxial component

JMA 1/4″ Compression Connectors have been redesigned to support 5G deployments.

Gap Wireless is now stocking the new JMA Wireless 1/4” Super-flexible cable compression connectors. JMA’s new small form-factor connectors for ¼” super-flexible cables have been optimized to meet and exceed the requirements of future 5G and current 4G networks.

New Features

• 35% smaller form-factor
• Optimized RF to 6 GHz
• New 5G Interfaces
• Flexible installation process


Product Details


35% Smaller Form-Factor
The reduction in physical size allows our connectors with WPS weatherproofing applied to meet the minimum port spacing requirements of new small form-factor interfaces such as 2.2-5 & Nex10.

The new JMA Wireless small form-factor connectors have been optimized to perform well from DC to 6 GHz. Here is the return loss performance per band that can be expected:
• 617-960 MHz: -28 dB
• 1700-2200 MHz: -28 dB
• 2200 – 2700 MHz: -25 dB
• 3400-3800 MHz: -20 dB
• 5150-5925 MHz: -20 dB

Flexible Installation Process
The new JMA Wireless small form-factor connectors have a unique patent pending clutch mechanism that serves a dual purpose. First, the clutch limits the amount of torque the installer can exert onto the cable which eliminates the possibility of cable damage due to excessive torque. This is most important for good RF performance at higher frequencies which are less tolerant of variation. Second, the feature allows the installer to exactly position right angle connectors in the proper orientation for their application, especially in congested situations such as small cell enclosures.

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