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Junkosha Introduces Slim and Phase Stable Cable Model MWX161 For Increased Flexibility

Junkosha, a leading interconnect company, has introduced a new cable assembly model that provides a slim profile for use in tight space situations such as connector areas. The new Slim and Phase stable cable model MWX161 delivers excellent phase stability against bending and temperature demands, with flexibility for challenging locations.

The MWX161 is the latest innovation from Junkosha, the pioneer of sophisticated fluoropolymer application technologies applicable to many sectors, offering a wide range of wire and cable products. Junkosha’s MWX161 builds on the performance success of the company’s MWX0 cables plus offers the added flexibility of a slim profile to address user needs. Gap Wireless stocks and distributes Junkosha products.

With low insertion loss and low return loss, the MWX161 provides phase performance that endures. Supporting up to a maximum frequency of 67 Ghz, the cable is viable within a wide range of temperatures from -65 Celsius up to +125 degrees C.

The MWX161 has a small diameter at the neck and is well suited to multi-port Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) and PXI usage. A torque driver is available to mount the cable assembly on a narrow pitch connector arrangement board. With excellent mechanical characteristics, the MWX161 uses SUS flexible tubing for protection. A wide range of connectors including 3.5mm, 2.92 mm, 2.4 mm, and 1.85 mm are supported.

Junkosha’s MWX161 1.85 mm connector assembly type is available now, with other connector types rolling out within weeks. Click here to learn more.

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