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Junkosha MWX6 Series 25% Off Promotion until Oct 2019

junkosha mwx6 series precise skew matched gap wireless

Junkosha specializes in high-end RF cables offering unmatched performance and high reliability.

Now is your chance to buy 2 sets of 600 Series Skew Matched Cables and get 25% off 2 additional sets.

It’s a great time to stay connected during Making Waves 2019!


Eligible Products

  • All MWX6 series cables ( 18 to 67GHz )

MWX6 Series Features

  • Phase Stability & Long-Term Reliability
    MWX utilizes an “Engineered ePTFE Tape Wrapping” dielectric to exhibit excellent electrical characteristics. In addition, “High Speed Wrapping” technology enables “Phase Stability” and “long term reliability” in our cable assemblies.
  • High Frequency Support
    Frequencies available up to 145GHz


Long Lasting Reliability
How often do you replace microwave cable assemblies? In most cases, cables fail in a year or less. Junkosha MWX coaxial cable assemblies are the solution to stop short replacement cycles. MWX has excellent long-life durability while keeping excellent phase stability. These features will reduce Total Cost of Ownership by minimizing cable replacement and calibration cycles. Our message, “Phase Performance that Endures”, is Junkosha’s MWX cable commitment to customers promising long lasting phase stability and durability.

Highly Precise Skew Matching Assemblies
Skew between two cables is less than 1psec. Highly precise skew matching cable assemblies with less than 1psec skew between the pair for measurement of digital transmissions. This cable series has low insertion loss, appropriate for measuring high-precision differential transmission signals. Four types of cables are available with a variety of frequencies (26.5GHz, 40GHz, 50GHz and 67GHz).


  • Eye Diagram Analysis 
    • Protocol testing, USB, HDMI, DisplayPort
  • Optical Transceiver testing
    • BERT measurement, Jitter measurement.
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