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Keysight BV9210B PathWave BenchVue Advanced Battery Test and Emulation Software

Keysight BV9210B PathWave BenchVue Advanced Battery Test and Emulation Software


N6705C DC power analyzer mainframe
• All N6780 Series Source/Measure Units (SMU)

N6700C, N6701C, N6702C low profile, modular power system mainframe
• All N6780 Series Source/Measure Units (SMU)

N7900 Series advanced system power supplies
• All N7900A Series models with or without N7909A power dissipater unit

RP7900 Series regenerative power system
• All RP7900 Series models

Quickly visualize, emulate, profile and cycle batteries Keysight-BV9210B-11B

The Keysight BV9210B Pathwave BenchVue Advanced Battery Test and Emulation application software provides a test environment for you to easily run battery tests, generate battery models and perform battery emulation using one or more Keysight two-quadrant power supplies. The emulation function allows you to quickly output the desired battery operation conditions. It allows you to cover various test scenarios without having to wait for a real battery to go through discharging or charging conditions. Integrating the BV9210B software with Keysight’s advanced two-quadrant product families, covers a broad range of low to high power level applications, across various industries from consumer electronics, medical devices, e-mobility, residential energy storage and automotive.

• Tests and emulates batteries up to 200kW and up to 2000V
• Supports four modes of operation: emulation, profiler, discharge/charge, and cycler
• Creates custom battery models
• Controls up to four instruments at a time
• Includes API functions to facilitate integration into your programming environment
• Provides advanced control capabilities – capacity rating, state of charge, constant or dynamic level selection, pulse width control
• Simultaneously measures voltage and current with its built-in digitizer
• Accurately captures voltage, current, capacity from seconds up to days
• Creates custom dynamic loading characteristics for discharging
• Imports battery models
• Exports measurement data
• Provides a graphical view of the battery model
• Provides customizable battery protection parameters

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