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Keysight InfiniiVision Oscilloscope Measurement Tips

Today’s oscilloscopes have lots of waveform math and automated measurement capabilities. But sometimes, determining which waveform math function and which measurement to select can be confusing. View these short measurements tips videos to learn how to quickly set up your InfiniiVision X-Series oscilloscope to perform advanced measurements.

Keysight recently published seven new InfiniiVision oscilloscope videos that will provide your customers with quick tips on how to perform common oscilloscope measurements including:

•Gated Measurements
•Counter versus Frequency Measurements
•Frequency Shift Settling Time
•Isolating Ghost Signals
•Bode Plots – The old way versus the new way
•Totalize versus Pulse-count Measurements
•Trigger Holdoff

These videos highlight the advantages of using Infiniivision oscilloscopes for common measurements and reinforce Keysight’s technical expertise and customer support.

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