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Keysight P937xB/P938xB Streamline Series VNA

P50xxB & P93xxB Streamline Series VNA

The freedom of portable network analysis doesn’t have to mean a compromise in performance. The B-models of the Keysight Streamline Series VNAs unlock the full performance of the network analyzer hardware with fast measurements over Thunderbolt 3 connections to your host PC. Gain confidence in your measurements with best-in-class performance offering fast, reliable, and repeatable results. Explore the complete characterization of your devices with a rich portfolio of software applications that transform the compact network analyzer into a complete RF measurement solution.

The P50xxB series offers the performance required for testing passive components, amplifiers, mixers or frequency converters. The vector network analyzer (VNA) provides best-in-class key specifications such as dynamic range, measurement speed, trace noise and temperature stability. Choose from 2- or 4-port models up to 53 GHz, or 6-port models up to 20 GHz.

Keysight Streamline-Series-Vector-Network-Analyzer P937xB P938xB

The P93xxB series provides excellent performance in general-purpose network analysis for passive components. With software applications like enhanced time-domain analysis with TDR and automatic fixture removal, you can easily characterize passive components with the same performance of a benchtop setup. Choose from 2-port models up to 44 GHz or 4-port models up to 20 GHz.

The Streamline Series utilizes the same measurement science as other Keysight VNAs such as the PNA, ENA and PXI VNA. A common software platform makes it easy to choose the right level of performance to match budget and measurement needs. This commonality guarantees measurement consistency, repeatability, and a common remote-programming interface across multiple instruments in R&D and manufacturing.

Keysight P937xB & P938xB Features

Broad selection of VNAs

Wide frequency (max 44 GHz) and 2- or 4- test ports

General-purpose, basic network analysis for various applications (ex. wireless communication, education, aerospace/defense, etc.

Low-cost mm-wave test

Keysight’s lowest-cost 44 GHz VNA

Ideal for emerging mm-wave applications (ex. 5G FR2 component tests, materials measurements)

More test ports

4-port VNA up to 20 GHz for differential component tests (ex. cable assemblies, PC board impedance test)

Multiport calibrated measurements by combining two VNAs

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