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Keysight Remote Access Lab Solution

Keysight’s New Industry-ready Remote Access Lab Solution. This end-to-end solution offers a convenient way to make the switch to online learning seamlessly with all the ready elements, enabling a hybrid mode of remote teaching.

The new Remote Access Lab solution features work with popular Keysight teaching lab instruments such as power supplies, function generators, digital multimeters and oscilloscopes to form a complete remote teaching environment.

  • PW9112EDU PathWave Lab Operations for Remote Learning
  • BV9111EDU Lab Management Software
  • U3900DAQ Switching System for Education Lab
  • U3810REM Remote Advance IoT Teaching Lab Solution

PathWave Lab Operations for Remote Learning

Keysight’s PathWave Lab Operation for Remote Learning software offers a convenient way to switch to online learning. This end-to-end solution allows the complete remote setup of instrument labs. It covers all your needs, including web-based lab management, scheduling administration, instrument control, and remote access for measurement and analysis.

  • Streamline and simplify lab management, saving you time to focus on teaching
  • Interact with students and facilitate group collaboration in real time to accomplish smart teaching and learning
  • Access secure cloud-based remote lab management and control tools
  • Achieve smart teaching and learning with an intuitive interaction tool
  • Get remote desktop control for configuration and measurement
  • Connect to industry-grade test instruments with the latest software and technology used in the industry
Keysight PathWave Lab Operations for Remote Learning

Remote Advance IoT Teaching Lab Solution

Keysight defined the 5C core values to cover the current IoT areas as showed above. The Connectivity, Compliance, Co-existence, Cybersecurity and the Continuity.

Keysight’s ready-to-teach Advanced IoT Teaching Lab Solution is designed to assist educators in quickly setting up new engineering courses on the Internet of Things, with the intention of producing students who will fully understand the challenges and requirements of the IoT system design cycle, from design and validation to deployment in the market. In addition to teaching practical design and test techniques from the fundamentals of system design to wireless communication and power measurement, this courseware will also cover critical design considerations that have emerged with the evolution of the Internet of Things, such as cybersecurity, coexistence, compliance and continuity.

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