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Keysight Smart Bench Essentials Series

Keysight’s New Smart Bench Essentials Series

The Keysight Smart Bench Essentials Series is a revolutionary design solution for modern teaching labs and aspiring new product development electronics engineers.

The solution allows you to test, analyze, and share results collaboratively, across the room or around the world. Whether you are teaching, learning, or working on a design, from a classroom or from home, you have full access to configure and test
using your connected instruments. The hardware, leveraged from higher-performance instruments, is built into the Smart Bench Essentials Series. So you get the benefits of Keysight’s measurement performance in a low-cost, compact package.

We gave the user interface and display special treatment to make them straightforward, easy to operate, and consistent with our best-selling products. With the signature 7-inch color display, you can view more information clearly, even from a distance.

The Smart Bench Essentials Series comes with KeysightCare support. You get access to technical experts from Keysight and our 24/7 knowledge center to help you get up to speed in the shortest amount of time.

Keysight Smart Bench Essentials Series Products Catalog

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EDU34450A 5½-digit dual-display digital multimeter

The Keysight EDU34450A is a modern DMM designed for bench applications. It measures a broad range of input signals. The measurement engine leverages Keysight’s industry-grade benchtop DMM. It features 5½ digits of resolution, 0.015% basic DCV accuracy, and up to 100 readings/s measuring rate for speed-critical tests. The EDU34450A includes generous internal memory, allowing prolonged data logging of up to 5,000 data points. It includes PathWave BenchVue DMM software for remote control and data logging. With the EDU34450A, you get the benefits of Keysight measurement performance in a low-cost, compact package.

Key features

• measures 11 input signals (DC voltage, DC current, true RMS AC voltage, AC current, twoand four-wire resistance, frequency, continuity, diode test, temperature, and capacitance)
• 7-inch dual measurement color display
• 0.015% basic DCV accuracy
• standard USB and LAN for flexible PC connectivity
• USB flash drive support to copy / load configuration for repeated test setup

EDU33210 Series 20 MHz function / arbitrary waveform generator

The Keysight EDU33210 Series function / arbitrary waveform generator offers the standard signals and features you expect — such as modulation, sweep, and burst. Additional features provide the capabilities and flexibility you need to get the job done quickly, no matter how complex. An intuitive, information-packed front-panel interface enables you to easily resume where you left off.

Key features

• 7-inch color display for simultaneous parameter setup, signal viewing, and editing
• six built-in modulation types and 17 popular waveforms to simulate typical applications for testing
• 16-bit arbitrary waveform capability with memory up to 8 M samples per channel
• USB and LAN input / output interface for remote connectivity

EDU36311A triple-output bench power supply

The Keysight EDU36311A triple-output DC bench power supply comes with a robust design and usability at an affordable price. Its 90 W electrically isolated channels supply clean and reliable power. The 7-inch color wide video graphics array display gives you a clear view — from instrument setup to output status. You can control the EDU36311A triple-output DC bench power supply remotely via USB or LAN. This solution includes Keysight’s PathWave BenchVue power supply application software for the PC.

The EDU36311A provides excellent programming / readback accuracy, convenient benchtop capabilities, low acoustic noise, and intuitive, easy-to-use interfaces.

Key features

• low output ripple and noise
• exceptional line / load regulation
• superior overvoltage, overcurrent, and overtemperature protection
• three independent power supplies in one box
• distinctive color-coded channels and individual knobs for voltage and current

InfiniiVision 1000 X-Series oscilloscopes, 50 MHz, analog channels

The Keysight InfiniiVision 1000 X-Series (EDUX1052A and EDUX1052G) oscilloscopes provide a quality education for students and prepare them for industry with professional- level instruments.

The 1000 X-Series leverages the technology used in our higher-end oscilloscopes, allowing students to learn on the same hardware and software used in leading research and development labs. Built-in training signals enable students to quickly learn to capture and analyze signals.

The educator’s resource kit includes dynamic teaching labs, a comprehensive lab guide, a tutorial written specifically for undergraduate students, and an oscilloscope fundamentals PowerPoint slide set for professors and lab assistants.

BenchVue software with the BV0004B BenchVue oscilloscope application (standard) lets you control and visualize the 1000 X-Series and multiple measurements simultaneously.

Key features

• compatible with the U3800A Internet of Things (IoT) Systems Design Applied Courseware
• optional DSOXBODE Bode plot training kit
• available frequency response analyzer capability to help students understand the gain and phase performance of passive RLC circuits or active operational amplifiers (G model only)

Keysight Smart Bench Essentials On-Demand
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