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Keysight SP4T / SP6T Multiport Electromechanical Switch Now Available

Keysight U7104E/N/F SP4T and U7106E/N/F SP6T EM multiport switches

These EM switches provide the performance, reliability and higher density switches required for multi-DUTs or multi-channel DUTs testing applications.

They are suitable for automated test and measurement, signal monitoring, and routing applications. Innovative and rigorous design with stringent manufacturing specifications testing allows the switches to meet the requirements for highly repeatable switching elements in test instruments and switching interfaces.

Operating up to 67 GHz these switches exhibit exceptional isolation performance required to maintain measurement integrity. Isolation between ports is typically > 65 dB to 67 GHz. This reduces the influence of signals from other channels, sustains the integrity of the measured signal, and reduces system measurement uncertainties. These switches also minimize measurement uncertainty with low insertion loss and reflection, which make them ideal elements in large multi-tiered switching systems.

The DC connectivity comes with a ribbon cable or optional solder terminal connections accommodate the need for secure and efficient control cable attachment. Option 400/500 provides solder terminal connections in place of the 16-pin ribbon drive cable.

Both switches series include opto-electronic current interrupts. These switches have an interrupt circuit that provides logic to open all but the selected ports, and then close the selected paths. All other paths are terminated with 50-ohm loads and the current to all the solenoids is then cut off. These versions also offer independent indicators that are controlled by optical interrupts in the switch. The indicators provide a closed path between the indicator common pin and the corresponding sense pin of the selected path. TTL/5V CMOS compatible drive is available as a selectable option.

Key Features:

•Frequency ranges from DC to 54/67 GHz
•Single-pole-four-throw (SP4T) and single-pole-six-throw (SP6T) configuration, latching, terminated
•Extend the number of test ports to multi-DUT or multiport devices measurement
•Achieve lower cost-per-port test without compromising performance up to 67 GHz

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