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MyDefence Gives Military Personnel Insight & Drone Defence in the Field

MyDefence Gives Military Personnel Insight and Drone Defence in the Field

Protecting military personnel against the threat of malicious drones is the goal of MyDefence, a company founded by military officers with expertise in both military operations and advanced radio technology. MyDefence combines real-world user experience with advanced technology to deliver combat-proven products that provide enhanced protection and situational awareness on the battlefield.

MyDefence has versatile Counter UAS solutions suited to any type of military mission, including a full suite of products stocked and distributed by Gap Wireless.

Wearable Products

MyDefence equips warfighters with the advanced, rapid deployment solutions they need to stay secure and effective on the ground.

  • WINGMAN drone detector: As the smallest UAS detector on the market, this handheld (wearable) device can perform on its own, or interface with ATAK or any other command and control (C2) device to provide battlefield overview.
  • PITBULL jamming device: PITBULL can be integrated with the WINGMAN for an automated detect and defeat solution against malicious drones, providing lightweight but highly effective protection against the threat of LSS (Low, Slow, Small) drones.

Mobile & Stationary Installations

Detection and countering of commercially available LSS drones by MyDefence products is provided by integrated sensors and deterrents, with information passed through the meshed network and alerts displayed in any C2 system.

  • WATCHDOG networked sensor: This intelligent device provides long-range detection for use in situations such as perimeter protection.
  • WOLFPACK detection sensor: This 360-degree directional detection sensor provides point defence and rapid deployment protection.

Counter UAS Accessories

Support kits extend the capability of Counter UAS platforms, allowing easy maintenance and extending the capability of MyDefence products without requiring investment in a new platform.

  • Active Antenna 100: This omni-directional antenna extends frequency range for WINGMAN drone detectors, enhancing the end user’s ability to detect malicious drones operating on non-traditional frequencies.

For more information on how MyDefence solutions can enhance military operations, click here.

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