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NEMA Rated Communications Cabinets from Hammond Manufacturing

Rack mounting solutions from Hammond Manufacturing are designed and manufactured in Canada, including the company’s NEMA Rated communications cabinets produced in Guelph, Ontario. Hammond, which has been operating for just over 100 years, fulfills Voice/Data, Data Center, Security, Audio/Visual and Test/Measurement requirements.

NEMA Rated Communications Cabinets from Hammond Manufacturing Deliver Top Quality and Protection.

End users, contractors, and consultants all find Hammond’s communications cabinets to be indispensable in environments where dust-tight protection is imperative such as warehouses, greenhouses, and in the automotive sector. Gap Wireless stocks and distributes industry-leading solutions from Hammond.

Hammond’s floor mount NEMA Rated Dust-Tight Server Cabinet HDME Series is ideal for use in harsh factory floor scenarios, with its welded frame, doors, and side panels constructed of 14-gauge steel and equipped with foam gaskets for tight and secure seal protection from moisture, dust, oil, and air contaminants. The Server Cabinet is compliant with NEMA Type 12 and IEC 60529 IP54.

The NEMA Rated Swing-Out Wall Mount Cabinet EN4DH Series is specifically designed for network access equipment using 19” mounting rails. With dual access from both the front and rear of the cabinet, easy installation and connection is facilitated between equipment and to the main cable route. The cabinet provides exceptional protection against dust, oil, and water with solid and plexi door versions in NEMA type 4. The Wall Mount Cabinet is compatible with NEMA type 3R, 4 and 12 and IEC 60529, IP54, and IP66.

Air conditioners or fans can be installed on the NEMA cabinets, and heat calculations can determine size of the cooling unit required. A wide variety of accessories are available for both cabinet types.

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