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Keysight Technologies Enables 5G Network Testing in the Field

Keysight Technologies Next-Generation Handheld Microwave Analyzer Enables 5G Network Testing in the Field.

Keysight Technologies has delivered another industry first: a handheld combination spectrum and vector network analyzer with 100 MHz real time bandwidth. FieldFox B-series analyzers provide wide-band real-time measurement capabilities for 5G network testing in the field, also supporting satellite communications, signal monitoring, and electronic warfare applications. These next-generation devices are designed to provide accurate microwave measurements anytime, anywhere – even in the most challenging environments.

Keysight Technologies recognized that complex beam sweeping technologies used with radar and electronic warfare systems as well as with 5G control channels require wider bandwidths and real-time spectrum analysis tools to capture these intermittent and difficult-to-track signals. The combination of bandwidth and dynamic range in the FieldFox B-series analyzers addresses those challenges, enabling users to detect even the smallest interfering signals. FieldFox can connect to 89600 VSA software to demodulate 5G NR and LTE-A signals up to 100 MHz; or easily switch to over-the-air (OTA) measurements for 5GTF and LTE FDD to verify gNB performance.

Gap Wireless, a Keysight Technologies Authorized Distributor, stocks and distributes the extensive suite of Keysight products. The future-ready Keysight FieldFox B-series builds on the established versatility, accuracy, and portability of the popular FieldFox A model, and offers 6 combination models and 6 analyzer models that span frequency ranges between 4 and 26.5 GHz. All existing Keysight FieldFox A model measurement capabilities (except QuickCal) are supported on the new B models.

Key performance features of the Keysight FieldFox B-series include:

  • 100 MHz bandwidth in real-time for accurate cellular base-station testing
  • PRF 28800F compliant to withstand explosive impact and wet weather conditions
  • 10 dB improvement in displayed average noise level (DANL) for measuring low noise signals and detecting weak interferers
  • Collect, play back, and analyze raw I/Q data for electronic warfare test
  • Save time and space in the field kit with a task-driven user interface for each operation mode
  • Handle routine maintenance and in-depth troubleshooting with precision, including multiple measurement applications to meet specific measurement needs
  • Easily transport measurements from the field to the lab for further analysis with the 89600 VSAsoftware

All that capability is housed in a truly portable 7.4 pound integrated unit that delivers benchtop-quality results in the field. Click here for more information on how the revolutionary FieldFox B-series from Keysight Technologies can enhance your operations.

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