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Next-Level Drone Operations Supported by New DJI Enterprise Matrice 200 Series V2

The best just got better with the introduction of DJI Matrice 200 Series V2 drones from DJI Enterprise! The second generation M200 drones deliver enhanced intelligent control systems, improved flight performance, and additional fight safety and data security features for top performance in industrial applications. Whether the task is scanning terrain for Public Safety response, inspecting assets and mapping for energy and infrastructure applications, or planning and inspecting construction sites, these drones are the optimum choice for professionals because of their durability and ease to set up and configure.

Industrial applications demand top performance from drones whether operating in ideal conditions or facing harsh environmental challenges. M200 Series V2 drones are designed to operate in adverse conditions, with the ability to detect nearby aircraft to ensure safety. Enhancements to the Intelligent Control System extend flight range up to 8 km and ensure data precision across modules, including the RTK modules.

Sophisticated data encryption ensures that critical information recorded in-flight is safely collected. An upgraded version of DJI’s drone operations management platform, DJI FlightHub, has also been introduced to enable organizations to run their commercial drone operations at scale within a private network, all while meeting high data security requirements.

The new M200 Series V2 drones include the following line-up:

nti-Collision Beacon dji matrice 200

Matrice 200 V2 – Reliably Tough

  • FPV Camera
  • Anti-collision Beacon
  • Discreet Mode
  • Mobile SDK Compatibility
  • DJI SkyPort Compatibility
  • TimeSync

Matrice 210 V2 – Adaptability on the Go

  • All M200 V2 Features
  • Onboard SDK Compatibility
  • Power onboard devices
  • Dual Downward Gimbal
  • Single Upward Gimbal

Matrice 210 RTK V2 – Powerful Precision

  • All M210 V2 Features
  • Built-in High-performance RTK Modules
  • D-RTK 2 Mobile Station Compatibility
  • Dual Downward Gimbal
  • Single Upward Gimbal
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