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RFOCS Product Catalogue Now Available from Gap Wireless

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When technicians and engineers need to source RF and microwave components and assemblies, they turn to RFOCS (Radio Frequency and Optical Components and Systems) products stocked and distributed by Gap Wireless. RFOCS hardware and coax components support installations in the field, in-building, or in Research and Development labs.

RFOCS high-quality and economical test-grade RF and microwave components include adapters, attenuators, cable assemblies, terminations, and couplers, as well as filter products such as diplexers, triplexers, and 5-plexers. RFOCS also provides combiners, reactive splitters, and signal tappers plus a vast array of Low PIM components.

The portfolio of RFOCS solutions from Gap Wireless is so extensive that a new catalogue has been compiled and is now available to help fulfill customer requirements. Orders can be placed online at www.gapwirelessonline.com/  for easy access and quick delivery.

Here are just some of the industry-leading RFOCS products ready to ship from Gap Wireless:

Grounding Kits: Standard Grounding Kits use a mechanically attached grounding strap which incorporates an expansion rib to eliminate risk of over-tightening. Universal Grounding Kits are compatible with corrugated coax, elliptical waveguide, hybrid, fiber, and power assemblies.

Weather Enclosures: Weather Enclosure Clambshells provide a re-enterable and resealable solution to cost-effectively ensure protection against the elements. Weatherproofing Kits, which provide a long-term seal against

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dust and moisture, protect connections and splices from environmental damage and are suitable for most buried and exposed connections.

Hoisting Grips: These grips are designed to lift and support the cable in monopoles or on towers and are available in both Closed Weave (Pre-laced) and Open Weave (Lace-up) design.

Coax Blocks: Made of weather-resistant polypropylene, RFOCS Coax Blocks are available in double run design, allowing up to 6 runs of cable to be supported in one compact bundle.

Jumpers: RFOCS Low PIM 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2 inch 50 Ohm coax cable jumpers are super flexible – with a 1.25  inch bending radius – and are less prone to kinks because of their spiral copper corrugated outer conductor.

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