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SAF Spectrum Compact & SG Compact Now Available at the Gap Wireless Web Store

SAF Spectrum Compact

SAF Spectrum Compact

The world’s first handheld microwave spectrum analyzer

Spectrum Compact is a truly hand-held and easy to use test and measurement solution for the 0.3 – 87 GHz licensed microwave frequency bands. Product line consists of eight devices, each dedicated for its own frequency range, and has an affordable price.

Battery powered Spectrum Compact devices do not require external down-converters or connection to PC, and are a must-have tool for any field engineer performing microwave equipment installation, link troubleshooting, site planning and maintenance in real field environment.

The analyzers utilize a resistive touch screen technology, allowing the engineer to wear gloves when using the device. SMA or 2.92mm connector allows the Spectrum Compact to integrate with any manufacturer’s antenna or waveguide system. Furthermore, the high sensitivity and low noise floor make it possible to detect even exceptionally weak signals. Designed specifically for comfortable outdoor use by microwave network engineers, Spectrum Compact can also be used for various applications in Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), LTE, VSAT, 5G and cellular network environment.

SAF SG Compact SAF Tehnika SG Compact photo

Perfect tool for different microwave system analysis and measurement applications

Essential tool for antenna alignment and testing and top choice for LoS verification applications. Device is perfect for different microwave system analysis and measurement applications. It has intuitive control and interactive GUI with instant on/off functionality, resistive touchscreen allows working with gloves on

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