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SMP2 EMF Strength Meter from Wavecontrol

The SMP2 Electromagnetic Field Strength Meter from Wavecontrol is a 3-in-1 portable instrument providing a unique combination of spectrum analysis (DC – 400 kHz), broadband (DC – 40 GHz) and static field measurements in a single device is available at Gap Wireless

The key features of the Wavecontrol SMP2 are Real-time FFT-based spectrum analysis using digital processing, Weighted Peak Method (WPM) for automatic and real time comparison with limits and EMF meter for the assessment of human exposure in accordance with ICNIRP, IEC, EN, IEEE, European Directive 2013/35/EU, FCC, Safety Code 6 (2015) and other standards.

Wavecontrol_SMP2_EMF case

Wavecontrol SMP2 included accessories:

  • “SMP2 Reader” PC software: Compatible with Windows 7 or later versions
  • SMP2 probes carrying case
  • USB cable
  • Charger


Wavecontrol SMP2 optional accessories:

  • Non-reflective wooden tripod (including transport cover)
  • Internal embedded GPS
  • Fiber optics interface
  • Vehicle DC charger
  • SMP2 protective pouch
  • SMP2 probe extension cable
Wavecontrol_SMP2_EMF Wavecontrol Field Probes at gap wireless
Wavecontrol EMF measurement devices at gap wireless

Wavecontrol SMP2 Highlights:

  • Broadband measurements DC – 40 GHz with RMS and isotropic field probes
  • Spectrum Analysis DC – 400 kHz, Real-time FFT
  • Weighted Peak Method (WPM). Real-time comparison in % with the selected limits
  • Assessments In accordance with international standards: ICNIRP, IEC, EN, IEEE, etc.
  • High Performance GPS integrated in the instrument
  • USB and fiber optic PC software included
Wavecontrol_SMP2_EMF cell tower
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