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Take Advantage of the Times on Your Side Promotion for Times Microwave Systems’ Solutions

‘Times On Your Side’ with an exclusive promotion from Gap Wireless for Times Microwave Systems (TMS) products ordered from July 1st through December 31, 2018. Not only is there a 10% order discount from standard price, the offer includes free ground shipping on orders over $250 CAD. Let the good times roll with this exclusive offer for Times Microwave solutions!

TMS manufactures high performance, flexible low loss 50 ohm cables for wireless applications. Known best for their LMR® series of cables, TMS cables are found in a variety of applications, such as 2-way land mobile, cellular, telemetry, PTC (Positive Train Control) and other wireless products.

Times Microwave LMR Cables can be used in base stations as antenna jumpers, cell towers for pole feeder runs and even air handling plenums. The LMR Cables have performance comparable to copper cables, but are non-kinking, extremely flexible and offer easy connector installation.

With production facilities in the U.S. and China, TMS addresses both specialized applications with extremely demanding performance requirements, and high volume commercial applications at frequencies from a few KHz to 50 GHz. As a division of Amphenol Corporation since 2009, TMS has access to the resources of one of the largest manufacturers of interconnect products in the world.

Gap Wireless stocks and distributes LMT Cable and Connectors; Lightning Protection; Silverline Test Cables; TuffGrip Test Cables; and Clarity Test Cables.  Orders can be fulfilled immediately from Gap Wireless warehouses in Mississauga, Ontario and Calgary, Alberta.

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