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TelecomTRAIN Amps Up Fiber Optic Training for Sales Teams

Gap Wireless Sales Support Manager Among First CFOT Graduates

Keeping pace with the demands of fiber optic deployment and ongoing maintenance can be a daunting task for fiber optic contractors, IT and fiber technicians, and engineers. Most technicians today learn on the job or through courses provided by specific vendors, leaving the technician to independently assess options for fiber optic tools and fiber optic test equipment and how to ensure interoperability between fiber optic components.

TelecomTRAIN, a new and innovative training company launched in Toronto in 2018, is filling the knowledge gap with targeted fiber optic training enabling technical companies to lower operational costs, quickly reskill for new projects, and produce new income-generating streams.

“TelecomTrain’s goal is to help organizations better serve their customers through enhanced sales team knowledge,” said Kevin Ramdas, co-founder of TelecomTRAIN. “Training can make teams more flexible and technicians are better able to make informed decisions in the field.”

The first Certified Fiber Optic Technicians course graduating class is now ready to assess and respond to their customers’ requirements more effectively than ever before, and Gap Wireless is already on board with the TelecomTRAIN program. Mathew Poulos, sales support manager at Gap Wireless, was among the graduates of the first TelecomTRAIN Fiber Optic certification training course in November 2018.

“The hands-on experience I’ve gained from the TelecomTRAIN certification course will help me respond to Gap Wireless customer support requirements efficiently, using the right tools and the right approach in each situation,” said Poulos. “I’m looking forward to increasing customer satisfaction and ultimately building customer loyalty and ongoing sales.”

Gap Wireless provides fiber optic equipment from multiple vendors to telecom operators and offers sales support as needed. Poulos says he is now better equipped to guide customers through the various options for fiber optic networks and provide a knowledge-based customer experience.

The fiber optic course equips participants to do the following:

  • get an industry-wide accepted FOA Certified Fiber Optics Technician CFOT designation
  • identify fiber, cable, and connectors used in fiber optic systems
  • splice and connect fiber
  • test optical networks using power meters and analyzing OTDR traces
  • establish appropriate processes for dealing with fiber networks
  • document a fiber network.
fiber-telecomtrain course

Training can be conducted on-line or in person at the customer site or an off-site location. All participants receive hands-on experience with real components and equipment as part of the course.

TelecomTRAIN will be offering more fiber optic certification courses in 2019, along with a suite of other courses that can help address the convergence of voice/data, fiber, wireless, IP, virtualization, cloud, and automation.

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