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The New WAVEMON LF-400 Personal Exposure Meters

The new wavecontrol WaveMon LF-400 IEEE exposure meters from Wavecontrol are the ideal tool to continuously monitor a person’s exposure to Electro Magnetic Fields.

WaveMon LF-400 IEEE – EMF Personal Monitor in DC and Low Frequency

The wavecontrol WaveMon LF-400 represents a unique solution on the market to protect workers from electromagnetic fields for low frequency applications

The WaveMon LF-400 is the only LF exposimeter in compliance with the ICNIRP guidelines, IEEE C.95 standards and ACGIH 2015 (general public or occupational limit). The WaveMon LF-400 can be set up with two alarms for different percentages of the chosen limit.


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Main features of the Wavecontrol WaveMon LF-400 IEEE:

  • 2 H isotropic sensors: DC sensor and AC sensor from 10Hz – 400kHz.
  • The measure is% according to the limits: Limit AIMD (Active Implanted Medical Device, like Pacemaker wearers), 2013/35 / UE workers (ICNIRP workers 1998), public 1999/519 / EC (ICNIRP 1998 public).
  • In the 10Hz – 400kHz range, the value in% indicated by the LEDs is the measure of the Weighted Peak
  • In DC the value in % indicated by the LEDs is due to a precise value in μT and mT
  • 2 different alarms: an alarm can be programmed in DC and one in the 10Hz – 400kHz range.

Typical applications for the WaveMon LF-400 IEEE:

  • Hospitals: MRI measurements (nuclear magnetic resonance).
  • Industry: welding applications, induction heating, etc.
  • Energy: safety of workers near high-power lines / generators / transformers / transformers …
  • Railway: low frequency applications in the railway sector.
  • Safety of workers and people wearing AIMD (Active Implantable Medical Devices): pacemakers, cochlear implants

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Wavecontrol, founded in 1997, is an engineering company specializing in the measurement of electromagnetic fields. With a clearly international calling, their company has headquarters in Europe (Barcelona, Spain) and the United States (Rutherford, New Jersey). Their network of distributors operates in over 50 countries on five continents, and they have implemented ISO 9001 and ISO 17025 quality control systems for the ongoing improvement of processes, products, and services.

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