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Ventev Introduces VenVolt 802.3at PoE+ Site Survey Battery Pack

Ventev Wireless Infrastructure™ designs and manufactures a broad wireless infrastructure portfolio for the Wireless market, serving enterprise, industrial, carrier and government/education verticals. Ventev’s extensive line of products includes antennas, enclosures, RF cable and cable assemblies, connectors, splitters and accessories.  Gap Wireless is excited to partner with the Ventev and offer its portfolio of products that simplify installation and ensure fast, reliable network performance.

Ventev’s newest product is the VenVolt 802.3at PoE+ Site Survey Battery Pack that provides portable mobile power to access points and other 802.3at-powered devices. The Site Survey Battery Pack’s LiFePo4 battery features stable chemistry, ensuring longer lifespan than other lithium formulations – lasting under normal circumstances on a full charge for 7+ hours. Power to the access point while doing a site survey can be critical, and the battery pack’s charge indicator shows at a glance how much battery charge remains. The Battery Pack is designed to accept a charge while powering an AP so that when possible, the unit can be plugged into a power source during surveying to ‘top up’ the battery charge.

Ventev VenVolt 802.3at PoE+ Site Survey Battery Pack, TWSSBP-8023AT

Ventev VenVolt 802.3at PoE+ Site Survey Battery Pack, TWSSBP-8023AT

The VenVolt 802.3at Battery Pack has two RJ-45 connectors for data in and power out, and a USB port to simultaneously power USB-powered devices. The unit’s small size (8.75 x 4.5 x 3.25 inches) and light weight at 4.5 pounds enhance its portability and usability during site surveying. The Battery Pack is also environmentally friendly, using non-toxic and non-contaminating battery contents.

For organizations that are looking for reliable power on-the-go, the VenVolt 802.3at Battery Pack can help your team stay connected and powered up.

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