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Supercharge Canadian Innovation at ventureLAB’s HardTech Conference, hosted on June 22 & 23, 2021!

HardTech is Canada’s premiere hardware technology-focused conference, featuring prominent thought leaders in the tech ecosystem that are creating transformative experiences for those around the world. Hosted by ventureLAB in partnership with the Regional Municipality of York, our mission is to emphasize the importance of hardware technology and the impact it has on our globe, while making it an enjoyable and immersive experience.

We believe that a connected tech ecosystem will lead to more inspiration, innovation and opportunities in the hardware and semiconductor industry. Registered attendees will have the opportunity to connect with ventureLAB’s vast innovation ecosystem, including industry leaders, innovators, investors, media, mentors and startup enthusiasts.

Why Attend HardTech?

Premium Content: HardTech brings together industry leaders in hardware technology to discuss the latest developments in the field and share their insights. This year, thought leaders will discuss how the demand for advanced and smart technologies have led to the global chip shortage, showcase groundbreaking products built through ventureLAB’s Hardware Catalyst Initiative, and inspire the next generation of tech titans.

Build Connections: Connect with 500+ attendees across Canada in various ways; participate in an attendee matchmaking session, join a group lounge or simply connect one-to-one on the platform! The opportunities are endless, and you never know where these connections will take you.

Expand Your Knowledge: Pick from three simultaneous breakout sessions and join the conversation. These breakout sessions will have you engaging in discussions around the role hardware plays in the future of electric vehicles, medical technologies and agritech.

HardTech Pitch Competition: Watch the dynamic HardTech Pitch Competition, bringing together 8 Canadian finalists who are developing product-level and chip innovations in electronic hardware.

Team Building: Shared experiences are the key to building stronger teams. Attend HardTech with your colleagues and bring valuable insights back to your desks, and into your business.

Brand Awareness: Get your brand in front of 500+ attendees from North America, including industry leaders, innovators, investors, media, mentors and startup enthusiasts.

Tickets are limited, and this is a conference you do not want to miss.

Click here to get your complimentary, all-access pass valued at $189 CAD.

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