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Wavecontrol October Webinar Series

Wavecontrol October Webinars

Wavecontrol has prepared 4 webinars during October with practical information about EMF basics, products and applications, including:

  • Getting started with the devices and main features
  • International standards and regulations
  • Firmware and software
  • Live demo
  • Question and answers



  1. EMF and Health – 7th October 2020
  2. EMF in the Energy industry – 14th October 2020
  3. WaveMon – 22nd October 2020
  4. SMP2 – 27th October 2020


1 – Webinar EMF and health – EMF Basics – October 7th, 11:00AM EST, 2020

The webinar is going to introduce EMF and its associated health effects (sensory and thermal) at different frequency ranges (static fields, low frequency and radiofrequency). We will talk about the safety regulations (particularly the EU directives) and EMF assessment for different industries.

Finally, we will introduce solutions from Wavecontrol to measure and evaluate EMF fields from 0 Hz to 60 GHz.



2 – EMF in the Energy Industry 14th – October 14th, 11:00AM EST, 2020

This webinar will cover the evaluation methods for electromagnetic field in the energy industry. This short presentation is based on the IEC 62110 standard. There will be a short demonstration on using the SMP2.



3 – Webinar WaveMon. RF & LF Personal Monitor – October 22nd, 11:00AM EST, 2020

We will introduce the WaveMon Personal Monitor, an award winning exposimeter from Wavecontrol to avoid being overexposed to electromagnetic fields in low and high Frequencies – DC to 60 GHz (depending on the model). There will be live demonstration on the operational use of the personal monitor with Q&A session on its applications.



4 – Webinar SMP2 – October 27th, 11:00AM EST, 2020

The SMP2 offers an unrivalled combination of 3 features:

Broadband measurements (DC to 60 GHz)
Frequency spectrum analysis (DC to 400 kHz)
Static field measurements
In this webinar, we will talk about the SMP2 and it exceptional features such as automatic probe detection, its display functionalities, technical capabilities and unique tools for facilitating EMF measurements for excellent user experience. We will discuss the software and communication platforms for efficient data management and remote control. There will also be live demonstration on how to use the SMP2.





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