Coaxial Cable/Components

Coaxial Cable/Components

Gap Wireless offers a comprehensive selection of coaxial cables and components from our industry-leading vendor partners. Our coaxial solutions are built on state-of-the-art technologies to provide reliable solutions that are easy to deploy. Gap Wireless’ coaxial cable components are ideally suited for RF and microwave transmission line system deployments and high grade instrumentation connections.

Gap Wireless is your one-stop shop for all your coaxial cable component needs. Our coaxial cable options include 50 Ohm braided, flexible and super-flexible foam dielectric, and low-loss air dielectric plenum-rated coaxial cable for in-building deployments. Our many coaxial component products include adaptors, bias tees, circulators and isolators, DC blocks, attenuators, directional couplers, power dividers and combiners, and RF terminations, both standard and low PIM.

World Class Coaxial Solutions 

When you order with Gap Wireless, you can feel secure in the knowledge that we provide the best available coaxial cable components. We partner with industry-leading coaxial cable component manufacturers to provide the best variety of high performance and high value solutions. Our highly respected vendor partners include Amphenol, Communication Components Inc. (CCI), JMA Wireless, MECA Electronics, PolyPhaser, R&D Microwaves, RadioWaves, RFOCS (Radio Frequency and Optical Components and Systems), Radio Frequency Systems (RFS), Samnova, Sinclair Technologies, Times Microwave Systems (TMS), and Transtector Systems. Together with these world-class vendor partners, Gap Wireless can provide you with the best coaxial cable component solutions for virtually any application.

Gap Wireless stocks and distributes coaxial cable components to support the RF and microwave industries and serve the telecommunication, cellular telephone, and data exchange markets. Our extensive selection of coaxial cable component products have been adopted in a broad range of industries including telecom, IT, aerospace, automotive, military, rail, and many more. Whatever coaxial cable or component solution you’re looking for, you’ll find it at Gap Wireless with the performance and value you need for the toughest deployment challenges.

To discover the coaxial cables and components that are the best fit for your application, browse the Gap Wireless web store today. And if you need any assistance, feel free to contact us to learn more about our broad selection of coaxial cable components and how we can help you meet your infrastructure needs.

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