Drones are increasingly used in civil construction to easily and efficiently manage everything from site surveying to estimating, designing, tracking progress, and creating reports. Not only is there time saving, but there are cost savings compared to relying on traditional ground surveys.

Visuals from drones can record building sites at all phases of construction, helping to track and monitor progress and record and manage materials. Drones can capture topographical data and measure grading, heights, volumes and more, providing all the information needed for reporting purposes and for comparing data sets throughout the build. Drones also provide a safe way of inspecting buildings under renovation, and locating and documenting problem areas.

Gap Wireless partners with industry-leading vendors, such as DJI Enterprise, FLIR, DeDrone, Propeller Aero, and inUAVi to deliver drones, sensors, software, and support to cost-effectively fulfill your UAV needs.

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Gap Wireless offers a suite of hardware and value-added services for the UAV (Drone) market.

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