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Drones from Industry-leading Vendors to be Highlighted at Gap Wireless CUEE 2018 Booth

Utility sector representatives will converge September 11th and 12th at CUEE 2018 — the Canadian Utilities Equipment & Engineering trade show – to see the latest in relevant products and services. Among the most compelling, leading-edge solutions on display at the International Centre in Mississauga will be drones from DJI Enterprise and Flyability to be displayed at the Gap Wireless booth.

Drones are used increasingly in the utility sector as a cost-effective and efficient option to address the daunting task of ongoing maintenance and emergency response for power lines, hydro installations, and wind turbines.

For power line inspection, drones are a more cost-effective option than helicopters, with the advantage of capturing real-time data and images for analysis. Drones are also used to monitor hydro assets including transmission towers, offering a less risky inspection method compared to deploying tower climbers. Similarly, drones can fly in close proximity to wind turbines and obtain high-quality images to document cracks or any other structural stress indicators, saving time and money, and reducing risk.

DJI Enterprise is the market leader in easy-to-operate commercial-grade drones and payloads, that provide the latest in aircraft and aerial photography systems. On display at CUEE 2018 will be:

DJI Inspire 1: This drone was designed to be powerful but lightweight, offering flexibility and stability in flight. The Inspire 1 represents DJI’s latest aerial technology packaged in one simple, ready-to-fly system that can be launched in minutes.

DJI M210 RTK: As part of the DJI Enterprise M200 Series of drones, the M210 RTK is built to endure tough conditions while conducting inspections and other tasks. High-performance motors paired with 17-inch propellers ensure stable flight in strong winds. The new dual-battery power system automatically heats batteries when flying in sub-zero temperatures.

Flyability provides drones that are safe to use in previously inaccessible places and complex environments for safe, quick, and economical inspection. Flyability’s collision tolerant drone the Elios is ideal for industrial inspection, eliminating the need for people to be exposed to dangerous and confined spaces for the inspection of energy, Oil & Gas or transport infrastructure.

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