Education Solutions

Gap Wireless offers comprehensive training tools for the education market segment featuring turn-key labs complete with everything from test hardware to software-defined radios. Respectful of budget limitations in the education field, Gap Wireless works with vendor partners to ensure the best use of education funds.

Some of the key differentiators for working with Gap Wireless to meet education requirements are:

  • Keysight Technologies’ latest line of low-cost education test equipment makes high-quality solutions affordable for educators
  • Educators can avoid designing programs from the ground up by using off-the-shelf labs and lectures, freeing them up to focus on key activities like research and grant proposals
  • Leveraging discounts, promotions and supplier sponsorships such as equipment-matching helps stretch budgets for maximum benefit

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Education Solutions For Colleges and Universities

Test and Measurement Equipment for Labs
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College and University Courseware

Four Test Instruments — One Connected Interface

Keysight Smart Bench Essentials banner
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Keysight Smart Bench Essentials (SBE) Series is a revolutionary design solution for modern test workbenches in teaching labs and aspiring new product development electronic engineers. The Smart Bench Essentials Series enables you to test, analyze, and share results collaboratively, across the room or across
the world. Whether you are teaching, learning, or working on a design, from a classroom or from your home, you have full access to configure and test using your connected instruments.

Keysight’s Smart Bench Essentials Series is a connected solution of test instruments consisting of a power supply, function generator, digital multimeter, and an oscilloscope. With this new complete portfolio of instruments, students, and general electronic test engineers will have a truly connected, modern design solution for their lab or test workbenches.

Test, analyze, and share results collaboratively or remotely.

View and monitor all outputs simultaneously from any angle.

Measure with confidence using exceptional line and load regulation for a stable output

Get access to technical experts and 24/7 online knowledge center.

The Industry's Most Integrated Handheld Analyzer

Keysight Fieldfox
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Keysight’s FieldFox portable analyzers are equipped to handle your toughest working environments during routine maintenance, in-depth troubleshooting, and anything in between. Choose the software-enabled Keysight FieldFox configuration that best meets your needs.

  • Get frequency coverage up to 54 GHz with precision comparable to benchtop results.
  • Configure FieldFox as a cable and antenna analyzer (CAT), vector network analyzer (VNA), spectrum analyzer, or an all-in-one combination analyzer.
  • Make 5G field test a reality with wide analysis bandwidth up to 120 MHz.
  • Capture small, interfering signals with wideband, real-time analysis.
  • Perform measurements with one of the lightest instruments in the industry — 30% lighter than other handheld analyzers.



Field testing modern communications networks puts new demands on your equipment and requires trade-offs between capabilities and portability. With over 22 software-enabled measurement capabilities in one portable, battery-powered unit, FieldFox is the most capable handheld analyzer in the industry. Stay ahead of changing measurement requirements by upgrading your handheld analyzer in the field with convenient, user-installable license keys.


Easily capture and demodulate intermittent, beam sweeping technologies used in 5G and radar systems.
Detect small signals once masked by stronger signals with RTSA.
Measure signals as narrow as 5.52 µs with 100% Probability of Intercept (POI) and full amplitude accuracy.
Accelerate communications system development by quickly switching to over-the-air (OTA) measurements.

Fusion Splicing Made Easy and Affordable

America Ilsintech Fusion Splicers
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Ilsintech’s fiber optic fusion splicers provide best-in-class optical performance with a simplistic design, making installs for any application easy and affordable. Our All-In-One splicers provide all 5 splicing functions including stripping, cleaving, cleaning, splicing, sleeving – all in a single unit. The thermal stripper in the All-in-One system prevents cracks on the fiber that are usually caused by manual strippers. Ilsintech fusion splicers are ideal for LAN, CATV, or FTTx.


All-in-One fusion splicers by Ilsintech are the most advanced fiber termination components on the market. Capable of performing all 5 splicing functions within a single unit the All-in-One provides installers a cost effective and time-saving alternative to traditional fusion splicers.

Splicing Made Easy and Affordable.

Ilsintech’s fiber optic fusion splicers provide best-in-class optical performance with a simplistic design, making installs for any application easy and affordable. Our All-In-One splicers provide all 5 splicing functions including stripping, cleaving, cleaning, splicing, sleeving – all in a single unit. The thermal stripper in the All-in-One system prevents cracks on the fiber that are usually caused by manual strippers. Ilsintech fusion splicers are ideal for LAN, CATV, or FTTx.

VeEX - The Verification EXperts

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VeEX’s optical test and measurement solutions are optimized for today’s FTTx, xPON, DWDM, CWDM and Metro networks and are perfectly suited for demanding outside plant environments. The fast growing optical product range complements existing VeEX Transmission and Ethernet testing solutions for Core, Node, Datacenter, Transport, Metro, Access, and Business Services.

  • Optical Time Domain Reflectometers (OTDRs)
  • xPON/FTTx
  • Remote Fiber Test Unit & Optical Switches
  • Optical Spectrum Analysis (OSA) & Optical Channel Checker (OCC)
  • xWDM OTDR & Light Sources
  • Optical Loss Test Set (OLTS)
  • Fiber Inspection Probes and Optical Accessories
  • Optical Software Solutions
  • Centralized Monitoring


VeEX RDOF Test Solutions

Test Solutions Bridging the Digital Divide. Deliver Quality Broadband Internet Solutions to Rural Communities

Compact, Fanless, Networked & Remote Deployable Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer

ThinkRF R5550 Real Time Spectrum Analyzer
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thinkRF makes the cost-effective testing and monitoring of billions of wireless devices possible. Built on innovative softwaredefined radio technologies, the thinkRF R5550 RealTime Spectrum Analyzer has the performance of a traditional lab-grade spectrum analyzer at a fraction of the cost, size, weight and power consumption.

Designed for distributed deployment in the lab, in the field, or in a vehicle, the portable, fanless thinkRF R5550 provides the benefits of a high-performance softwaredefined RF receiver, digitizer and analyzer.

The R5550 analyzer is silent, lightweight, and offers improved spectral performance in a more rugged form factor. Based on an optimized software-defined radio receiver architecture coupled with real-time digitization and digital signal processing. This enables wide bandwidth, deep dynamic range and 27 GHz frequency range in a small, stylish one-box platform. On top of this market disruptive platform, thinkRF provides a rich set of standard APIs and programming environments for easy and quick use with existing or new test and monitoring applications.

Microwave/mmWave Coaxial Cable Assemblies

Junkosha 2 Series Extra Flexibility and Durability Cables
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Junkosha 2 Series – Extra Flexibility and Durability

The 2 Series cable assembly showcases excellent phase stability against bending, developed with microwave/mmWave measurement environments in mind.
Its flexibility means low repulsion, reducing the load on the measured object.

– Excellent flexibility and phase stability against bending
– We also have an extensive lineup of connectors
– Select an armored type for reduced external mechanical damage

– For mmWave/microwave band measurement
– For measurement of minute devices for which flexibility is required

Streamline Lab Management and Teaching

Keysight Pathwave Streamline Lab Management and Teaching
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Keysight PathWave BenchVue Lab Management and Control Solution is a network-based application that enables interconnection of all instruments via LAN or WLAN. It provides centralized control for educators to seamlessly connect and monitor all instruments within the teaching lab. Be trully connected to each other, to the lab, to the cloud, and to your next innovation with centralized lab configuration, asset management and mass firmware updates for your test instruments.

  • Setup and configure wide range of instruments including non-Keysight instruments based on actual lab layout
  • Perform mass firmware updates to all your instruments in a single click
  • Improve lab management by tracking the assets, and their calibration/loaner period status with e-mail notification
  • Control and automate multiple instruments, log important data, and perform both online and offline data analysis



Be truly connected to each other, connected to your lab, connected to the cloud, and connected to your next innovation with the Keysight PathWave BenchVue Lab Management and Control Solution

  • Configure your entire lab setup online
  • Manage your assets online
  • Perform mass firmware updates



  • Configurable lab/bench layout interface up to 100 test benches
  • Pre-defined instrument types for easy configuration
  • Remote monitoring for instrument states with color codes
  • Save and load lab/bench layout for different lab sessions
  • Support all types of test instruments including non-Keysight instruments

Total RF Expertise. World Leader in EMC Test Solutions

Dreamcatcher Courseware


  • Editable teaching material
  • Industry-relevant curriculum
  • Good for one full semester
  • Annual material updates



  • Hardware kit
  • Editable lab sheets
  • Model answers
  • Problem-based assignments



  • Industry-grade
    EDA tools