EMC/EMI Test Equipment

EMI/EMC Testing Equipment

Gap Wireless has everything you need to meet electromagnetic test requirements, from benchtop shielded boxes to full anechoic chambers and test equipment for electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). We offer a full range of EMI/EMC testing equipment, from low-cost amplifiers to precision cabling and measurement capabilities that enable you to meet international standards. Electronics developers, research labs, testing facilities, telecoms, and engineering teams in public and private sectors alike can benefit from the enhanced EMI/EMC testing equipment available from Gap Wireless. Brose our web store to discover our complete catalogue of EMI/EMC testing solutions or read on to learn more.

As the number of devices susceptible to electromagnetic interference is increasing rapidly, the need to ensure electromagnetic compatibility through thorough testing has never been stronger. At Gap Wireless, we understand this need and offer a full range of high-quality and innovative EMI/EMC testing equipment from our industry-leading vendor partners. Whatever test equipment you’re looking for, whether it’s basic monitoring equipment or full, turnkey EMC test systems, you’ll find everything you need for modern EMI/EMC testing at Gap Wireless. Our extensive range of products includes anechoic chambers, antennas, antenna masts, turntables, absorber technology, doors and gates, pre-amplifiers, broadband RF power amplifiers, EMC software, GTEM cells, strip-lines, open TEM cells, signal generators, RF power meters, EMI receivers, screen rooms, RF shielded enclosures, and complete turnkey EMC test systems. Browse the Gap Wireless web store to discover the EMI/EMC testing equipment that best suits your needs, and if you’re unsure what you’re looking for or need some friendly advice, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

In order to keep up with the fast paced and highly technical world of EMI/EMC testing, Gap Wireless works closely with our vendor partners including Select Fabricators, IGOS RF Shielding, Keysight Technologies, and Wavecontrol, all of which are leaders in the EMI/EMC testing equipment industry. Select Fabricators is a world-class solution provider for EMC laboratories. IGOS RF Shielding is an engineering company that designs and develops high-performance RF shielding products that meet all military and international standards. For over 70 years, Keysight Technologies has been an industry leader in providing RF test and measurement equipment including oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, power meters and sensors, and more. Wavecontrol is another industry-leading provider of professional electromagnetic measurement tools and EMI/EMC testing equipment serving the international market. Together with these leading vendor partners, Gap Wireless is able to offer a complete portfolio of high-quality EMI/EMC test solutions.

Key differentiators for Gap Wireless vendor partner solutions include:

  • Fire resistant, non-toxic life-long absorbers mean never replacing anechoic chamber absorbers again
  • RF shielded benchtop boxes include the connections shielding specifications
  • 5G shielded rooms are no problem to implement
  • Keysight CXA with EMC probes provide low-cost IoT EMC testing
  • Precision RF cables meet stringent EMI/EMC test requirements
  • RF national safety testing is available for SC6 and FCC testing, and personal and permanent site monitoring

Our EMC/EMI Test Equipment Partners

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