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Fiber Optic Performance Maintained with Exceptional Cleaning Products from Sticklers

Fiber optics is the enabling technology of today’s network world, but even advanced fiber networks need fast, consistent and reliable cleaning for optimal operation. Sticklers, a MicroCare company, delivers precisely cleaned ports, jumpers, and splices at a cost-effective price point per cleaning.

Gap Wireless is now distributing Sticklers solutions for fiber optic cleaning both in outdoor deployments and indoor applications.

Long-haul OSP fiber deployments are challenging due to harsh environments and connectors and fiber splices need to be physically strong. Splicing and repairing are done in the field with dust, rain, and snow often presenting problems.

Indoor fiber optic deployments include data centers, telco central offices, cable head-ends and enterprise networks. In such applications, reconfigurations require frequent re-matings, which create dust. The environment is static-heavy, with crowded workspaces and restricted floor space making cleaning in awkward angles a common challenge.

Stickler’s products that address these deployments include: cleaning fluids and sprays; fiber optic cleaning kits; CleanStixx fiber optic cleaning swabs; CleanClicker fiber optic end-face cleaners; and lint-free fiber optic wipes.

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