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Flyability Elios Drones Solve Complex Indoor Inspection Challenges for Industrial Inspection, Search & Rescue

Imagine a drone that behaves like an insect, capable of maintaining stability after in-flight collisions, and with the ability to fly in complex, cluttered spaces that were previously extremely challenging to access. Swiss company Flyability has introduced to market the first such collision-tolerant drone, designed to enable inspection of Power Generation, Oil & Gas, and Maritime infrastructures and enhance Search & Rescue and Security applications.

Using Elios drones in these scenarios avoids sending people into dangerous and confined spaces and mitigates the risk of collisions and injuries. Gap Wireless is pleased to stock and distribute the Elios drone from Flyability.

Elios has a unique, protective carbon fiber frame that’s collision-tolerant up to 15 kilometres per hour, and is equipped with on-board, powerful LEDs for navigation and inspection in dark places. With an integrated payload, Elios features simultaneous full HD and thermal imagery recording with adjustable tilt angle, and digital video downlink for beyond Line of Sight operation, even in metallic environments.

Instead of venturing into daunting situations, operators pilot the Elios drone from a safe place using the Elios Ground Station, comprising a remote controller, a tablet and a purpose-designed ground control application. The pilot receives live telemetry data, an SD live video stream captured by Elios, and information and controls needed to safely operate the drone. Mission data is captured for post-mission review and future reference.

Along with safety benefits, Elios reduces downtime associated with inspections and cuts costs, given that scaffolding, ropes, or cranes are no longer required to enable visual inspections. Elios is easy to operate and staff can learn to pilot the drones with a few hours of training.

More information on how the Elios drone can enhance your operations is available here.

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