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Whether you’re looking for a basic handheld multimeter or a top-of-the-line bench power supply, you’ll find it with Gap Wireless. We provide a large selection of portable, bench, and system instruments that cover all testing needs from basic to complex. Our portfolio of solutions includes oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, power supplies, and more from industry-leading manufacturers such as Keysight Technologies and FLIR Systems. Our key offerings include:

  • Handheld Instruments
  • Power Supplies
  • Basic Bench Tools
  • Oscilloscopes
  • Generators
  • Spectrum Analyzers

Every bench needs an oscilloscope. Whether you’re looking for a scope with basic functionality, like the Keysight 1000X Series, or scopes with the most sophisticated features and functions, like the Keysight Infiniium S-Series, Gap Wireless has an oscilloscope that fits your needs. And don’t forget about the power supply. Keysight offers a broad portfolio of bench and rack-based power supplies to suit any application, from entry-level DC power supplies to high performance supplies providing up to 15,000 W—and you can find them all at Gap Wireless. Spectrum analyzers are another critical piece of equipment that you can find in abundance at Gap Wireless. Keysight’s range of spectrum analyzers includes basic spectrum analyzers for entry-level applications all the way up to the X-Series Signal Analyzers and Real-Time Spectrum Analyzers for the most demanding users.

And for those times when you’re away from the bench and in need of handheld instruments, Gap Wireless has you covered with a full catalogue of portable equipment. The Keysight U1600 Series of oscilloscopes are portable yet powerful handheld scopes featuring large displays, long battery life, and a comprehensive selection of probes and accessories. Keysight’s FieldFox handheld RF and microwave analyzers are the industry’s most precise portable spectrum analyzers, bringing Keysight’s reputation for precision and quality into the field. FLIR Systems has developed a wide range of portable equipment including digital multimeters, power clamp meters, flex clamp meters, voltage detectors, videoscopes, spot thermal cameras, IR cameras, and moisture meters to suit a variety of applications. Whether at the bench or in the field, the tools you need are available at Gap Wireless.

Gap Wireless partners with the best vendors in the industry to provide you with the best technology solutions. With over 70 years of experience, Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent’s Electronic Measurement Business) is recognized as an industry leader due to the quality and precision of its electronic measurement products. Keysight’s renowned RF test and measurement instruments are widely used in the general purpose electronics market. With 50 years of history, FLIR Systems is similarly well-regarded as a leading provider of test and measurement equipment to military, government, and commercial customers. By working with these esteemed vendor partners, we can provide you with the best in oscilloscopes, power supplies, spectrum analyzers, and any other general purpose equipment you need.

In addition, Gap Wireless experts can help configure test benches and test racks, and can even provide the final racked system. Contact us for more information.

Gap Wireless experts can also configure test benches and test racks, and can even provide the final racked system.

Keysight's New Smart Bench Essentials Series The Keysight Smart Bench Essentials Series is a revolutionary design solution for modern teaching labs and aspiring new product development electronics engineers. The solution allows you to test, analyze, and share results collaboratively, across the room or around the world. Whether you are teaching, learning, or working on a design, from a classroom or from home, you have full access to configure and test using your connected instruments. The hardware, leveraged from higher-performance instruments, is built into the Smart Bench Essentials Series. So you get the benefits of Keysight’s measurement performance in a low-cost, compact package. We gave the user interface and display special treatment to make them straightforward, easy to operate, and consistent with our best-selling products. With the signature 7-inch color display, you can view more information clearly, even from a distance. The Smart Bench Essentials Series comes with KeysightCare support. You get access to technical experts from Keysight and our 24/7 knowledge center to help you get up to speed in the shortest amount of time.
Keysight Power Supplies N6700 series, E36300 Series, N5700 Series

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