ICT Solutions

ICT Solutions Ensure Seamless Communications

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions enable you to get the most out of your cable and telecom networks and enterprise deployments. To provide the very best ICT solutions, Gap Wireless partners with industry leading vendor partners to distribute products including copper and fiber IP network solutions, power and testing capabilities, racks and cabinets, and much more. With Gap Wireless’s ICT solutions, you’ll have everything you need to support even the most complex deployments.

Gap Wireless offers the best selection of ICT solutions and products for all your networking needs. From copper and fiber IP network solutions to testing equipment and server racks, our range of ICT solutions is ideal for telecom operators, cable providers, data centers, IT professionals, and anyone else who demands the most advanced and reliable network performance. Our ICT solution vendor partners bring centuries of combined experience to your networking needs, providing the equipment needed for virtually any application. Alongside these partners, Gap Wireless can help you determine your needs and choose the right ICT solutions to match your requirements and budget. Browse the Gap Wireless web store today to discover which ICT solutions is right for you, or read on to learn more about our copper and fiber IP network solutions, power and testing products, racks and cabinets, and Wi-Fi and wireless infrastructure solutions.

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Copper and Fiber IP Network Solutions

Copper and Fiber IP Network Solutions

Gap Wireless distributes a range of copper and fiber IP network solutions to help meet the needs of ICT solutions customers including cable and telecom providers, MSOs, ISPs, engineers, sub-contractors, and enterprise IT professionals. Stocking an extensive collection of vendor partner solutions, Gap Wireless can provide all the copper and fiber IP network solutions you need to deploy an integrated system including cabling, signal distribution, and management.

Power, Grounding, and Surge Protection solutions

Power, Grounding, and Surge Protection

One of the most critical factors in today’s networks is reliability, and Gap Wireless provides the power, grounding and surge protection solutions that help ensure your networks won’t go down. Our solutions include switching power systems, AC and DC power distribution, inverters and converters, controllers, battery and solar chargers, accessories, and more.

Network Tools and Handheld Testers

Tools & Handheld Testers

Gap Wireless provides all the tools and handheld testers necessary for today’s advanced networks. We offer a range of fiber optic test equipment products including fiber optic cable testing equipment, troubleshooting tools, tool kits, cleaning kits, and more. For your copper cable network deployments, Gap Wireless can supply you with digital multimeters and voltmeters, optical to electrical converters, time-domain reflectometers (TDRs), distance to fault measuring instruments, and handheld spectrum and network analyzers. We also provide test cables for any budget.

Server Racks, Server Cabinets, and Enclosures solutions

Server Racks, Server Cabinets, and Enclosures

Put your ICT solutions in their place with Gap Wireless’s selection of server racks, server cabinets, enclosures, and related accessories from world-class vendors. Gap Wireless provides floor, desktop and wall-mounted Hammond racks and cabinets as well as rack equipment including shelves, panels, mounting hardware, cable management tools, and much more. Our rack and cabinet solutions are ideal to address the needs of network infrastructure, data centers, testing and measurement, and more.

Ventev Wifi Enclosures - Indoor and Outdoor, Wi-Fi and Wireless Infrastructure Products

Wi-Fi and Wireless Infrastructure Products

Industry-leading Wi-Fi and wireless infrastructure products, including TerraWave® and Wireless Solutions® product lines, that simplify installation and ensure fast, reliable network performance.

Gap Wireless has the full suite of products you need to ensure connectivity and reliability.

Contact us for more information on how we can support your needs with the best available technology.