Adaura Technologies

Affordable Testing Solutions

Adaura Technologies develops high performance, low-cost RF testing equipment that makes it affordable to test the billions of IoT and wireless devices that need to connect to wireless networks today.

While the wireless industry reaches new technological breakthroughs in efficiency and affordability, the supporting infrastructure of test & measurement equipment has changed very little. Previously, high cost and complexity reigned supreme.

Founded in 2013 by RF, microwave and system automation professionals, Adaura Technologies is located in California’s Silicon Valley. Adaura Technologies currently serves customers on four continents, including Google, Intel, MIT, NASA, Telstra, Verizon and many more.

Programmable 4-Channel USB RF Attenuator

Programmable 4-Channel USB RF Attenuator, 100dB

Programmable 2-Channel USB RF Attenuator

Delay Line Multipath Simulator

Anechoic Chamber Filter (Gigabit Ethernet + USB 2.0)

Anechoic Chamber Filter (Dual Gigabit Ethernet)

1 to 2 way RF power divider

1 to 4 way RF power divider

1 to 8 way RF power divider