America Ilsintech

America Ilsintech

America Ilsintech has served the optical fiber industry since 2008 by distributing a full line of fusion splicers and fiber optic processing equipment, tools, and accessories. The U.S. company is owned by Korean splicer/PON/FTTx manufacturer Ilsintech, founded in 1982 as a high precision tools manufacturer with the credo “Challenge and Innovation.”

A pioneer in optical fiber processing equipment, America Ilsintech is a key provider in the international fiber optic communications market. The company, which is ISO 9001:2008 certified, aims to equip its customers with the highest performance fiber optic fusion splicers available. America Ilsintech has innovated extensively and brought to market leading edge products such as the all-in-one Swift F1 FTTH mini fusion splicer. The company also designs and markets cost effective and best in class cleavers, strippers, and related fiber accessories such as fiber holders, electrodes, cleaver blades, ribbon separators, and more.

America Ilsintech enables you to meet the needs of fiber optic connectivity for FTTx, LAN, WAN, passive optical networking, and whatever other application you require. With operations in over a dozen countries around the globe, Ilsintech is poised to offer complete customer satisfaction with its speedy service and top quality fusion splicers and processing equipment. To discover the America Ilsintech products that are right for you, browse the Gap Wireless web store products below or contact us to learn more.

Challenge and Innovation

America Ilsintech launched its first optical fiber termination products in 1999 to meet its customers’ demands for reliable, high quality products. Since then, Ilsintech has developed a variety of products for optical fiber processing including fusion splicers, fiber cleavers, strippers, cleaners, all-in-one fusion splicers, and a range of accessories.

In 2007, America Ilsintech successfully launched Keyman S1, a core alignment optical fiber fusion splicer, and its sales skyrocketed in the global market with the highest reliability, efficiency, and price. America Ilsintech is the world’s leading supplier of 8 degree angled cut cleavers for optical fibers, which have been popularized around the world due to their excellent performance. In 2010, America Ilsintech launched Swift F1, a state-of-the-art FTTH mini fusion splicer that integrated a thermal auto stripper, single action cleaver, air-pump cleaner, clad alignment splicer, and sleeve oven into a single small unit. America Ilsintech also launched the simple, economic, and easy-to-assemble fusion splice-on connectors (FSOCs). The Swift F1 splicer and its splice-on connectors provide users with the most efficient and affordable solution for spreading high-speed FTTH networks.

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