Amphenol Fuyang

Amphenol Fuyang

Amphenol is one of the world’s leading connector manufactures and a top supplier for the telecommunication, cellular telephone, and data exchange markets. Amphenol’s products are used extensively throughout communication processing markets as well as applications in aerospace, military electronics, automotive, industrial, rail, and transportation.

With flexible assembly lines, a fast reaction supply chain, and ISO 9000 certification, Amphenol is ready to meet a range of production requirements for any customer. Whatever your target application, whether you need equipment for cable television, cellular telephone, data communication, information processing, RF test and measurement, or more, Amphenol has the answer.

Amphenol Fuyang Connecting People and Technology

Amphenol’s commitment to manufacturing high performance interconnect products stretches around the globe and through eight key market segments: automotive, broadband, commercial aerospace, industrial, IT and Datacom, military, mobile devices, and mobile networks. The company’s vision of connecting people with technology worldwide has led Amphenol to design, manufacture, and market electrical, electronic and fiber optic connectors, coaxial and flat-ribbon cable, interconnect systems, high performance antennas for small cell and in-building distributed antenna systems (DAS), and much more.

Amphenol’s catalogue includes over 6000 products to support wireless infrastructure systems, including next generation networks. OEMs and network operators will find everything they need, from antennas to transmission line products and RF peripherals such as couplers, combiners, and splitters.

To learn more about Amphenol and discover the RF connectors and other wireless infrastructure products that are right for your application, browse the Gap Wireless web store or contact us today.

Amphenol Products Available at Gap Wireless

Amphenol Fuyang RF connectors

Amphenol Fuyang RF Connectors

Amphenol Fuyang designs and provides the most classic and advanced RF solutions to the customers to smoothly realize their next-generation platform on 5G network.

Amphenol Fuyang RF Jumper Cables at gap wireless

Amphenol Fuyang RF Jumper Cables

Amphenol Fuyang pre-made jumpers have stable dynamic performance. With the different cable configuration, our jumpers are broadly used to worldwide carriers’ network, covering LTE, DAS, Small cell and 5G systems.

Amphenol Fuyang RF Passive products

Amphenol Fuyang RF Passive Products

Amphenol Fuyang is one of the largest RF connector manufacturers in the world, they design and provide the most classic and advanced RF solutions to the customers.

Amphenol Fuyang RF Accessories

Amphenol Fuyang Accessories

A full range of site installation accessories to make the installation easy and efficient. The grounding kits can enhance the safety for the whole network system, and cable clamps can be flexibly configured to fix feeder cable, power cable and fiber optic cable.