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About Bird®

Bird has been the industry’s standard in radio frequency product reliability for over 75 years. The criticality and definition of “reliability” can range from accuracy and precision to longevity and clarity. That can differ. The uses can range from commercial applications to military maintenance to electronic military instrumentation. That can differ. The measures of radio frequency products’ quality (and success) can range from data analysis to power measurement to signal strength. That can differ

What cannot differ is the single-minded devotion to reliability — no matter the criticality, use, or metrics. Bird = the world’s most reliable radio frequency products because we have to.

Bird RF Products at Gap Wireless


  • RF Signal Boosters for LMR & Public Safety
  • Cellular Repeaters
  • Fiber DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems)
  • Passive Components


  • RF Power Sensors
  • Semiconductor Products
  • Software Applications
  • Diagnostic Systems


  • RF Analyzers
  • RF Power Meters
  • RF Power Monitors
  • Attenuators
  • Loads
  • Components and Accessories

Bird Provides RF Solutions for

  • Airports
  • Amateur Radio
  • Broadcast
  • Electronic Warfare
  • Government, Military
  • Hospitals
  • Interference Analysis
  • Medical
  • Office Buildings
  • Public Safety
  • Railway
  • Residential
  • Semiconductor
  • Sports Arenas
  • Tunnels
  • Universities
  • Wireless, Cellular, Telecom
  • LMR – Land Mobile Radio
  • 2-Way Radio systems

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Bird has launched a 10 Week Online Course for Customers on RF Basics.

Bird has proudly announced the launch of “Discover RF with Bird” where you have access to all the latest online RF tutorials and resources – from primers and white papers to demos, round table technical discussions and webinars – all to help you grow your RF expertise.

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