Communication Components Antenna Inc. (CCAI) is one of the fastest growing providers of antenna solutions and base station enhancement products in the wireless market.

CCAI innovative, state-of-the-art products allow service providers to get the most out of their existing networks and address the exponential growth in cellular capacity demand in an efficient and cost-effective way. The company’s already robust solutions for small cell deployments will now be enhanced by CCI’s acquisition of BLiNQ Networks, a pioneer in NLOS wireless backhaul, fixed wireless access, and hyper-densification solutions.



  • Containing between 4-12 ports.
  • Multi-band antennas with separate high and low band ports.
  • Deploy 4×4 (MIMO) on both high and low bands.
  • Independent tilt control for each band.
  • Remote Electrical Tilt (AISG 2.0).

MultiSector Special Events

  • Up to 10 or more beams.
  • Increase site capacity & data throughput.
  • Ideal for demanding venues such as sports arenas.
  • Provides near the one-to-one ratio of capacity increase for each beam.


  • Dual 33° beam antennas with a 65° pattern footprint.
  • Multi-band capable.
  • Independent tilt control for each beam.
  • Remote Electrical Tilt (AISG 2.0).
  • Increase site capacity & data throughput.

Small Cell Outdoor DAS

  • Omni, Quasi-omni, Trisector, Cardioid and Bi-sector formats.
  • Pole mounted and Stadium style antenna configurations.
  • High band, low band and dual-band models available.
  • Integrated GPS antenna available on select models.

Indoor DAS

  • Many of the antennas offer multi-band support; 700-2700 MHz.
  • High front to back isolation.
  • Omni and directional formats.
  • Ceiling and wall mount configurations.

Specialty Antennas

  • Application and industry-specific designs.
  • Stealth radomes available on select models.
  • Customization available.

Antenna Accessories

  • Remote Electrical Tilt (RET) actuators (AISG 2.0).
  • Site Control Units (AISG 2.0).
  • Antenna mounting brackets.
  • Bias-T’s (AISG 2.0).
  • AISG control cables kits and more.