Communication Components Inc.

Extending Wireless Performance

Communication Components Inc. (CCI) provides cost effective RF solutions for cellular infrastructure including network equipment for 2G, 3G, and LTE co-location. CCI’s broad product portfolio also includes solutions for coverage extension, capacity enhancement, interference reduction, spectrum re-farming, and new technology deployments. Communication Components Inc. offers thousands of field proven solutions and has the industry expertise to meet the needs of today’s wireless operators. With CCI’s low cost and quick-to-deploy RF solutions, operators will be empowered to accelerate deployments while lowering costs, improving network performance, and increasing revenues by maximizing the use of RF spectrum and power. Most recently, Communication Components Inc. has added to its portfolio patented antenna solutions and next generation portable PIM analyzers.

Extending Wireless Performance

At Gap Wireless, we can help supply you with the Communication Components Inc. solutions you need for your application. We stock and distribute CCI products including antennas, filters and combiners, and portable PIM analyzers, as well as products from CCI subsidiary BLiNQ networks. You’ll find multi-port antennas, multi-sector antennas, bi-sector array antennas, outdoor and indoor distributed antenna system (DAS) antennas, specialty antennas, and antenna accessories. Communication Components Inc.’s filter and combiner products include diplexers, triplexers, quadplexers, pentaplexers, same band combiners, hybrid combiners, duplexers, band pass filters, antenna sharing combiners, receive multi-couplers (RMCs), and filter and combiner accessories.

CCI’s next generation PIMPro PIM analyzers—including the portable PIMPro Classic series, PIMPro Tower Series, and PIMPro Rack Mount series—can help you address the difficulties of PIM testing in the field, in the lab, or in a production environment. PIMPro analyzers cover a range of frequency bands including LTE 700 (698 – 798 MHz), Cellular 850 (824 – 894 MHz), GSM 900 (880 – 960 MHz), GSM 1800 (1710 – 1880 MHz), GSM 2100 (1920 – 1980 MHz), PCS 1900 (1850 – 1990 MHz), and AWS 2100 (1710 – 2155 MHz).

In 2016, Communication Components Inc. acquired BLiNQ Networks, a leading provider of software defined transport solutions for non-line-of-sight (NLOS) wireless small cell backhaul and point-to-multipoint fixed wireless access. BLiNQ Networks’ advanced range of wireless backhaul solutions is also available from Gap Wireless to complement CCI’s RF portfolio.

To discover the Communication Components Inc. products that are right for your application, browse the Gap Wireless web store today or contact us to learn more about our wireless solutions.

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